Retirement is a time of many changes, from the way you live to the way you get your health coverage. These resources can help make your transition easier.

Explore new coverage options

Learn how you can continue coverage temporarily with COBRA through WageWorks or contact HealthCompare to learn about the multiple coverage options available to you when your employment and coverage end. 


Check on your 401(k) account to help get ready for your retirement, and to learn how to make the most of your money. 

  • Learn more about 401(k)
  • Customer Service Center: 888-968-4015
Use Resources for Living®

This is your gateway to support, encouragement, guidance, financial planning, and information for all aspects of well-being—including counseling and help coping with transitions and family relationships. 

Keep your discount card into retirement

Want to continue receiving associate discounts when you retire? You can keep your Associate Discount Card if you have been an associate for 20 years—or if you have been an associate for at least 15 years and are 55 or older—as long as you have not had a break in employment during that time.

Need information about Medicare?

Get personalized help learning about Medicare.

Learn more about insurance coverage

Learn about your options for keeping your life, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), accident, or critical illness insurance coverage after you leave Walmart. 

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