Losing Coverage

Get answers to your questions about changes to your Walmart benefits if you lose coverage.

Learn about your Walmart benefits

Need help understanding what’s changing with your benefits? Give us a call and we can help. 

  • People Services: 800-421-1362
  • HealthCompare: 877-260-1824
Explore new coverage options

When your medical, vision, and dental benefits end, you can continue coverage temporarily with COBRA or contact HealthCompare to learn about the multiple coverage options available to you. 

  • WageWorks: 800-570-1863
  • HealthCompare: 877-260-1824
  • Visit HealthCompare
  • Learn more about COBRA
Get personal guidance from an expert

Get personal guidance from a HealthCompare  expert to find the right health care plan and learn whether you’re eligible for government subsidies. 

Use Resources for Living®

This is a gateway to support, encouragement, guidance, financial planning, and information for all aspects of well-being. It’s available to all associates for up to 18 months after you leave Walmart. Get support with life challenges at no cost to you. 

Medical Plan Questions?

Ask your health care advisor, a service of your plan administrator. Plan administrators manage billing and payment among in-network doctors and hospitals as well as your plan. 

Contact your health care advisor:

  • Aetna (includes Select Network Plan, Banner ACP, St. Luke's ACP, and eComm PPO): 855-548-2387
  • BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas: 866-823-3790
  • UnitedHealthcare (includes Presbyterian ACP): 888-285-9255
  • HealthSCOPE Benefits (includes all other ACPs): 800-804-1272
  • For information about HMOs, contact your facility’s personnel associate.

If you’re not sure which health care advisor is yours, you can always find it on the back of your plan ID card.

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