Citizenship Resources

Citizenship and Immigration-Related Resources Offered on the New American Workforce Portal

At Walmart, we care about our associate's success and respect their pursuit of the American Dream.


In collaboration with the National Immigration Forum, the New American Workforce Portal, offers associates and their family members access to U.S. naturalization and immigration-related resources.


This voluntary program for people currently living in the U.S.,offers tools to guide the user through application processes, deliver personalized immigration options, and can connect you to legal advice in your local area.


Q. What is the New American Workforce?

A. New American Workforce is a program of the National Immigration Forum that partners with hundreds of employers across the country to offer their employees free and trusted assistance applying for US citizenship. New American Workforce offers employees the ability to connect with BIA accredited institutions to receive confidential consultations and assistance applying to become a citizen.


Q. What is the New American Workforce portal?

A. The New American Workforce Portal is a free online service that helps you apply for citizenship. Walmart associates and their family members can voluntarily use this resource to complete their naturalization application through a secure and confidential online process. If personal assistance is required, the platform will connect users to service providers accredited by the USCIS Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).


Q. How will using this portal help me?

A. Use this resource if:

  • You are a Legal Permanent Resident currently living in the U.S. and interested in becoming a naturalized U.S. Citizen, or;
  • You are an immigrant currently living in the U.S. and have questions about your immigration options, including DACA.

The services offered through this portal will guide you through each step, all the way from understanding your eligibility, through to submitting applications. Please note that using this resource will not expedite the USCIS naturalization application processing times.


Q. How does the program work?

A. Use of the portal, as well as information and resources offered on the portal, are free. Please read information found on the portal to help you determine whether in-person or online assistance is best for you.


Q. Are there costs involved in using the New American Workforce portal?

A. This is a free resource so there are no charges for using the New American Workforce Portal, or any of the services it offers, including receiving legal advice or attending in-person workshops.


The only fees you will need to be prepared for are those associated with retaining an attorney to represent you, should you choose to do so, and application and biometric fees associated with applications made to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. Walmart does not provide assistance for Immigration or Naturalization-related application fees at this time.


Q. Can my family members apply through this program?

A. Yes, family members are invited to process through the portal.


Q. Is my information held confidential?

A. Please refer to the provider Service Disclaimer on the portal.


Q. Can I use this resource at work?

A. No. This voluntary resource can help you on your personal journey towards becoming a U.S. Citizen. Therefore, it is best done in your own time, so you can be properly prepared and focused.


Q. I'm having trouble getting to the portal. Who can I call?

A. Please call the National Immigration Forum on (202) 383-5999, or send an email to