Make the most of this exciting life change with a wide range of support for your well-being, finances, and future.

Add a spouse/partner and/or child(ren) to your coverage

Need to add your new spouse/partner or any children to your coverage? Online enrollment allows associates to make changes to personal information and benefits.

Learn about your Walmart benefits

Do you have questions about adding new dependents to your benefits coverage? Give us a call and we can help. You can also use ALEX® - benefits helper, a virtual benefits counselor who can help you learn more about your Walmart benefits. 

  • People Services: 800-421-1362
Find a doctor in your area

Moving? Walmart makes it easy to find a new doctor near you. Find top-ranked doctors in your network with Grand Rounds, or visit the Provider Networks page for more resources

Use your Associate Discount Card

Make your life together more affordable. If you’re eligible for the Walmart Associate Discount Card, you can use it to get a 10 percent discount on regularly priced merchandise and produce at any Walmart U.S. store or on select merchandise on You can also add your new spouse/partner to your Associate Discount Card. Sam's Club associates can get a free membership to Sam's Club for a 10 percent discount on fresh produce at any Sam's Club. 

  • Learn more and/or order an Associate Discount Card.
  • Associate and spouse/partner discounts may be considered imputed income and subject to taxes, depending on your state and local laws. For questions please contact a tax professional.
Update your address

Moving? Make sure you update your benefits info with your new address in the online enrollment tool or with your personnel associate or training coordinator. Note: You must complete an online enrollment session and allow the pay period to end in order for your address to update.

Make beneficiary changes online

Use the Beneficiary Online tool to designate beneficiaries so you can ensure your benefits are paid according to your wishes.

Get help with drafting your will

 Will Guidance provides online tools, at no cost, for creating wills, estate planning guidance, and assistance on topics such as inheritance taxes, loss of income, creditors, and probate. Use the promo code WALMART.


Want to increase your 401(k) contributions now that you’re married? Learn more about how to make the most of your account: 

Use Resources for Living®

This is your gateway to support, encouragement, guidance, financial planning, and information for all aspects of well-being. Get support with life challenges at no cost to you.

Visit your Associate Discount Center

Find deals on wedding destinations, car rentals, hotels and resorts, cruises and more at the Associate Discount Center.

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