Cancer Support

No one should have to go through cancer alone. We have resources that can help you connect with the medical, emotional, financial, and navigation support you need.

Taking a leave of absence

Walmart offers Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or personal medical leave for associates being treated for cancer. Depending upon individual circumstances, you may be eligible for unpaid leave. 

Get care management through your medical plan

Care management services ensure that you and your family receive the most appropriate care. Through your medical plan, you will have the benefit of critical care management services, including your own personal nurse care manager. Contact your medical plan’s health care advisor to learn more about this valuable support service. 

Contact your health care advisor:

  • Aetna (includes Select Network Plan, Banner ACP, St. Luke’s ACP, and eComm PPO): 855-548-2387
  • BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas: 866-823-3790
  • UnitedHealthcare (includes Presbyterian ACP): 888-285-9255
  • HealthSCOPE Benefits (includes all other ACPs): 800-804-1272
  • For information about HMOs, contact your facility's personnel associate.

If you’re not sure which health care advisor is yours, you can always find it on the back of your plan ID card.

Short-term and long-term disability plans

Ask questions about your coverage. 

Consider Centers of Excellence for the best possible care

Walmart's Centers of Excellence program offers access to the very best, most appropriate care, with 100 percent coverage at specialized hospitals for certain serious medical conditions. Patients with a breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, or blood (includes myeloma, lymphoma and leukemia) cancer diagnosis may have their medical records reviewed by Mayo Clinic specialists to evaluate if they would benefit from an on-site visit. If this is recommended, the visit will be covered at 100 percent and will include a travel allowance. 


Participants enrolled in most medical plans are eligible for Centers of Excellence services. Some age limitations apply; generally, the patient must be 18 years old. If you are enrolled in the HSA Plan, you will be eligible for 100 percent coverage under the Centers of Excellence program after you meet your deductible. (This is due to federal tax law.)

Second opinion services

Besides finding top-ranked local doctors, Grand Rounds makes it easy to: 

  • Get a second opinion. Connect with a world-leading expert to get a written second opinion. They'll collect medical records and help get you peace of mind about next steps in your treatment plan.
  • Learn about a condition. Learn about a new or existing condition, diagnosis, or treatment plan.
Attend a cancer support group

Our monthly cancer support group meetings help associates facing all types of cancer. The group connects recently diagnosed associates and their caregivers, as well as longer-term survivors who are struggling with life after cancer, with associate survivors and co-survivors. Participants can explore treatment options, identify community resources, and get help maintaining their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being throughout survivorship. 

Meetings are open to survivors, patients, and those close to someone who has been impacted by cancer. They are held in various locations, depending on where you work, on the second Tuesday of every month from 4-5 CST. 

  • Learn more, or email:
Critical illness plans

If you’re enrolled in critical illness insurance, you may be eligible for benefits. 

Life insurance: accelerated death benefit

The company-paid life insurance benefit has an accelerated death benefit. If you’re terminally ill, you may elect to receive up to 50 percent of the amount your beneficiary(ies) would have received upon your death (while you’re still living.) Payment may be made in a lump sum or 12 equal monthly installments. 

  • Learn more in the 2018 Associate Benefits Book and the 2019 Summary of Material Modification
  • Contact Prudential at 877‑740‑2116 for details
Use Resources for Living®

This is your gateway to support, encouragement, guidance, financial planning, and information for all aspects of well-being, including counseling, help coping with life challenges, and finding local support groups. 

Get financial help from Associates in Critical Need Trust (ACNT)

The Associates in Critical Need Trust (ACNT) is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to our hourly associates when they experience unexpected hardships such as serious illness. 

  • Speak with your facility/HR manager about seeking support through the ACNT
Update your beneficiary(ies)

Use the Beneficiary Online tool to choose who will receive your benefits. 

  • Click here to add or make changes to your beneficiaries.  
Get help with drafting your will

Will Guidance gives associates online tools at no cost for creating wills, estate planning guidance, and assistance on topics such as inheritance taxes, loss of income, creditors, and probate. 

Learn the do’s and don’ts of talking to someone with cancer

Awareness is key when trying to understand cancer better or support someone impacted by cancer. This resource can help make sure the language you use is helpful, not hurtful.

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