Divorce can affect your coverage as well as your life. Walmart offers a wide range of support for this challenging time.

Learn About your Walmart Benefits

Questions about how divorce affects your benefits? Give us a call and we can help. You can also contact a HealthCompare agent who can walk you or your former spouse/partner through options for benefits other than the Walmart Plans. 

  • People Services: 800-421-1362
  • HealthCompare: 877-260-1824
File a medical support order

Need to file a medical support order for covering a dependent child? Walmart Medical Support Services coordinates all court orders from child support agencies. 

  • To learn more about filing a medical support order for covering a dependent child, contact Walmart Medical Support Services: 877-930-5607
Use Resources for Living®

This is your gateway to support, encouragement, legal guidance, financial planning, and information for all aspects of well-being. 

Make coverage changes online

Need to remove your former spouse/partner from your coverage? Online enrollment lets you make changes to dependent information.

Make beneficiary changes online

Use the Beneficiary Online tool to designate beneficiaries so you can ensure your benefits are paid according to your wishes.

Explore new coverage options

 If divorce means the end of your former spouse/partner’s medical, vision, and dental coverage, they can continue coverage temporarily with COBRA through WageWorks or you can contact a HealthCompare agent to learn about the coverage options available to them. 

You or your spouse/partner is responsible for notifying People Services of your qualifying event such as divorce, legal separation or termination of your relationship. The notification must be made within 60 days after the qualifying event. 

  • WageWorks: 800-570-1863
  • HealthCompare: 877-260-1824
Get help with your will

Will Guidance provides online tools, at no cost, for creating wills, estate planning guidance, and assistance on topics such as inheritance taxes, loss of income, creditors, and probate. Use the promo code WALMART.

Update your address

Moving? Make sure you update your benefits info with your new address in the online enrollment tool, on Workday, or with your personnel associate or training coordinator. Note: You must complete an online enrollment session and allow the pay period to end in order for your address to update.

Deactivate your ex-spouse's discount card

Visit the Associate Discount Card site to take your former spouse off your Associate Discount Card account.

Stay well by taking care of yourself

Divorce can put a strain on your well-being. ZP Challenge can help. This friendly competition, with prizes, helps support better decisions regarding fitness, food, family, and money.

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