Compete Fairly

We believe success comes from offering quality products and services through free and fair competition. Anti-competitive practices harm our customers. Fair competition leads to stronger innovation, lower prices, and better quality.

Integrity in Action


  • Compete independently from our competitors. Don’t share sensitive information with competitors such as pricing, costs, bid submissions, or strategic plans. Don’t make agreements with competitors or others that limit competition. For example, don’t agree on price, terms of sale, assortment, margins, promotions, or allocation of products, customers, or markets.
  • Interact with suppliers and other third parties the right way. Focus on Walmart’s goal to better serve our customers. We must be careful to not seek out or pass along confidential information about our competitors via our suppliers. We also must not share confidential information about our suppliers with other suppliers. If confidential information or an improper agreement comes up, stop the conversation. Make it clear you don’t want to participate and report the incident.
  • Conduct market research properly. Never encourage anyone to improperly give you confidential information.
  • Be honest and accurate. Always be truthful in pricing, marketing, and advertising.
  • Sell products the right way. Know which products have sales restrictions (for example, alcohol and tobacco), and follow the restrictions.
  • Seek guidance. If you are ever unsure whether a conversation or agreement is okay, ask Legal for advice.
  • Follow competition and consumer protection laws and our policies. Know the antitrust and consumer protection policies and procedures that apply to your role and follow them.
  • Report suspected violations. Any suspected violations of Walmart’s Antitrust and Competition Law Policy must be reported to Ethics & Compliance or Legal.

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