Provider Networks

See who's providing your coverage

We have four medical plan administrators and five provider networks for Walmart's medical plans: Aetna, BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas, UnitedHealthcare, and HealthSCOPE Benefits.

If you’re just looking for a doctor in your network, your first step is Grand Rounds (except for certain plans). Just visit, or call 800-941-1384. If you’re enrolled in one of the Local Plans, call your health plan administrator at the number on your plan ID card. If you  live in Central Florida, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, or Northwest Arkansas, you should visit the provider guide or call your health care advisor.

Finding your advisor is easy

Your medical plan administrator depends on your location and the plan you choose. Each administrator provides a health care advisor, who can help you manage claims, understand your benefits, and get answers. It’s important to connect with your health care advisor and it’s easy.

You can find your administrator and the number for your health care advisor on the back of your plan ID card. Or if you know your administrator, you’ll find the number here:

Use special networks

In some locations, you can access alternate networks that offer areas of expertise and/or special discounts that are not available under your regular plan.

Please note that your benefits ID prefix number is specific to your alternate network. 

If you have BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas as your medical plan administrator and have access to an alternate or featured network of providers, you must get care within this network to receive network benefits under the plan (including network annual deductibles and network-level coinsurance). Services received from other providers, even within the larger BlueAdvantage network, will be treated as out-of-network and will likely cost you more.

If you have UnitedHealthcare as your medical plan administrator, you may also have access to Harvard Pilgrim, an alternative network.

Behavioral health

Behavioral health coverage is part of each Walmart medical plan. Generally, pre-authorization is recommended but not required. However, pre-authorization is required for some services, depending on your medical plan administrator. Keep in mind that Resources for Living (RFL) also offers up to three free in-person or video counseling sessions per issue with a behavioral health professional.

Please remember that associates in most plans can video-chat with a behavioral health practitioner using Doctor On Demand. It’s easy, convenient, and just a $4 copay for associates enrolled in most plans.

See the 2020 Associate Benefits Book for additional information about your benefits and eligibility. This document will control in the event of any conflict.