Critical illness insurance
Coverage that goes beyond your medical plan.
If you receive a new diagnosis of a critical illness, such as cancer, you can get cash benefits up to $20,000 in addition to your medical plan benefits to help with the additional costs of care and treatment.

Get financial protection from critical illness.


Financial help

You can get a lump-sum
payment of up to $20,000 when
your condition is diagnosed.


More expenses

Coverage includes medical
and non-medical expenses
like travel costs or childcare.


Family coverage

You can cover just yourself
or enroll other family
members as well.

Critical illness insurance pays a full benefit in case of new diagnoses of serious conditions like invasive cancer, heart attack, coronary bypass surgery, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, advanced Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, paralysis, benign brain tumor, coma, and others. Major organ transplants are also covered unless you’re enrolled in the Saver Plan.

For certain other illnesses, the plan pays 25% or 50% of the full benefit. There are also separate benefit amounts for things like ambulance rides, transportation, and lodging. You’ll find a complete list of covered conditions in the critical illness brochure.

  • Coverage is available to all associates who are eligible for medical benefits, or who have been employed for at least 52 weeks.
  • You can choose to cover:
    • Only you
    • You and your spouse/partner (full-time and salaried only)
    • You and your children
    • You and your entire family (full-time and salaried only)
  • You can choose $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 of coverage.
  • No Proof of Good Health is required.
  • The benefit is usually paid just once, but in some cases may also pay out again if you have a recurrence of the same condition.

For more details, see the critical illness brochure.

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