Accident Insurance
Get help when the unexpected happens.
If you’re in an accident outside of work, this optional plan pays cash to help you with extra expenses.

Extra financial protection when you get hurt.


Extra cash

This benefit gives you extra cash
to help with expenses that might not be
covered by your other benefits.


Tailored benefits

Coverage pays set amounts for
specific conditions and expenses,
from ambulance rides to
physical therapy.


Family coverage

You can choose to just cover
yourself, or you can enroll other
family members as well.

How it works

Accident insurance pays a cash benefit if you’re injured in an accident away from work. You can also cover your eligible dependents.

The plan covers a wide range of expenses, including emergency services, immediate treatment, surgery, hospitalization, follow-up care, and even transportation and lodging for family members. There are also payments for specific types of injury. Each expense or injury has a set payment amount, which adds up to your total benefit. For details and examples, see the accident insurance brochure.

The fine print
  • Coverage is available to all associates who are eligible for benefits.
  • You can choose to cover:
    • Only you
    • You and your spouse/partner (full-time and salaried only)
    • You and your children
    • You and your entire family (full-time and salaried only)
  • No Proof of Good Health is required.
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, or to your beneficiary if you die, unless you want to have them paid to the provider.
  • For more information, see the accident insurance brochure.
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