Benefits contacts
If you have questions about Walmart’s benefits plans and programs, you can find help here.

With Included Health, you can get access to a directory of local providers, get help with a second opinion, or get help figuring out a medical bill. If you’re enrolled in the Premier, Contribution, Saver, any Local Plan, or the PPO plan, here’s how:

If you’re enrolled in any HMO plan, you’ll find contact information at the bottom of this page.

Our four medical plan administrators keep our plans running smoothly nationwide, and their health care advisors can help you with medical claims, and pre-authorization for some services, including the Centers of Excellence program. Your plan administrator is based on your location. You’ll find it on the back of your plan ID card.

Premier, Contribution, Saver, PPO plans:

Most states

Local Plans

HMO plans

To find a doctor or get help with claims, contact your plan directly.

Geisinger plans

Health Net plans

HMSA Hawaii

Kaiser of California
800-464-4000 (English)
800-788-0616 (Spanish)

Kaiser of Colorado
• Denver metro: 303-338-3800
• Other areas: 800-632-9700

Kaiser of Georgia
• Atlanta metro: 404-261-2590
• Other areas: 888-865-5813

Kaiser of Hawaii

Kaiser of the Mid-Atlantic

Kaiser of Oregon
• Portland area: 503-813-2000
• Other areas: 800-813-2000

Kaiser of Washington

Talk to the experts

From our in-house People Services team to the benefits experts who help run our plans, you’ll find answers to your questions here.

For questions about: Contact:
Accident and critical illness insurance Allstate Benefits: 800-514-9525
Centers of Excellence

Contigo Health: 877-230-7037

(hip & knee replacement, spine surgery, weight loss surgery)

479-621-2830 or 800-804-1289

HealthSCOPE Benefits: 479-621-2830 or 479-804-1289

(cancer, heart surgery, and transplants)

Dental plan Delta Dental: 800-462-5410
Virtual digestive health support
Virtual physical therapy
Eligibility, enrollment, and benefits help People Services: 800-421-1362
Finding a network provider Included Health: 800-941-1384
(For PPO, contact plan administrator)
HealthCompare HealthCompare: 877-260-1824
Health Savings Account (HSA) HealthEquity: 866-296-2860
Geisinger HMO    844-863-6850
HealthNet HMO 800-722-5342
HMSA HMO (Hawaii) 808-948-6111
Kaiser of California

800-464-4000 (English)

800-788-0616 (Spanish)

Kaiser of Colorado

303-338-3800 (Denver area)

800-632-9700 (other areas)

Kaiser of Georgia

404-261-2590 (Atlanta area)

888-865-5813 (other areas)

Kaiser of Hawaii 800-966-5955
Kaiser of the Mid-Atlantic 855-249-5018
Kaiser of Oregon

503-813-2000 (Portland area)

800-813-2000 (other areas)

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington 888-901-4636
Life, accidental death and dismemberment, and business travel accident insurance Prudential: 877-740-2116
Long-term disability plan, truck driver long-term disability plan Lincoln: 877-353-6404
Pharmacy benefits OptumRx: 844-705-7493
My Mental Health Resources, provided by Lyra Lyra: 800-825-3555 (24/7)
Short-term disability plan Sedgwick: 800-492-5678
Vision plan VSP: 866-240-8390
Walmart 401(k) Plan Merrill: 888-968-4015

Need help?

Chat with a People Services Representative at or by calling 800-421-1362.
See the 2024 Associate Benefits Book for more information about your benefits and eligibility. It will control over any conflicting information on this page.