Achieve Your Health Goals
One text at a time

Managing diabetes can be expensive and stressful, but now all Walmart medical plan members can use myAgileLife to start spending less while staying on track. myAgileLife is a free text-based coaching program that’s like having a digital health coach in your pocket. Enroll now to manage your diabetes or achieve your overall health goals.

Make a commitment to your health.


Manage diabetes

Master the skills to successfully
manage your diabetes and save
on medications.


Find motivation

myAgileLife uses text
messages to bring you
the motivation and personal
support you need to
be successful.


Achieve your health goals

Master the skills to
manage weight, stress,
chronic conditions, or live
a healthy lifestyle.

Manage diabetes and save on prescription copays

myAgileLife gives you the tools you need to overcome your diabetes challenges:

  • Get personalized text support from a live health coach. Expect up to 3 messages/day.
  • Save money on prescription drugs and diabetes supplies. Get eligible prescriptions by mail through Walmart Home Delivery Pharmacy. If you're enrolled in a Walmart medical plan, call 800-273-3455 for details.
  • Have fun with interactive keywords, quizzes, and challenges
  • Learn more and enroll
  • Need help? Email or call 1-855-955-1905 (M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. CT).
Achieve Your Health Goals

Provides the tools you need to achieve your health goals:

  • Personalized text support from a live health coach to help you lose weight, cope with stress, manage a chronic condition or live a healthier lifestyle. Expect 2 messages/week to 3 messages/day.
  • Interactive keywords, quizzes, and challenges throughout
  • Learn more and enroll
  • Need help? Email or call 1-855-955-1905 (M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. CT).
Who’s eligible?
  • Manage diabetes: Associates and family members who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and are enrolled in a Walmart medical plan where OptumRx® is the pharmacy carrier.
  • Achieve your health goals: All associates and family members who want to improve their health by managing weight, stress, or chronic conditions (high blood pressure, heart disease and/or Type 2 diabetes) or by receiving health living tips and reminders.

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Manage diabetes
Achieve your health goals

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