Financial Literacy Made Easy

Take your finances to the next level with the practical tips and step-by-step guidance in new online courses brought to you by the Khan Academy! You’ll learn everything you need to know to manage your finances like a pro—and build a solid foundation for your financial future. Khan Academy has created engaging and accessible content that covers topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, taxes and more. They have a wealth of content and a user-friendly platform to help empower you to take control of your money.

  • Budgeting & Savings
  • Consumer Credit (Including credit score)

Coming in July 2023:

  • Financial Goals
  • Loans & Debt
  • Insurance
  • Investments & Retirement
  • Scams & Fraud
  • Careers & Education

All associates plus friends and family.


Learning at any pace

Provide online experience that can be completed when and how often you would like to learn

Classroom style approach
  • Provide interesting videos and articles that simplify financial topics
  • Provide opportunities to practice and make assessments along the way

From familiarity to mastery

Mastering a skill requires you to apply the skill and prove understanding

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