Grand Rounds
The easiest way to find the right doctor.

Your personal healthcare assistant.

Why spend all day trying to find the right doctor when Grand Rounds can do it for you? Grand Rounds is your personal healthcare assistant that connects you and your family to the exact care that you need. Just access Grand Rounds from your phone, tablet, or computer and they’ll make recommendations based on your preferences and health situation.

Grand Rounds is available at no cost to associates enrolled in the Premier Plan, Saver PlanContribution Plan, Local Plans or eCommerce PPO Plan. Just visit or call 1-800-941-1384 to get started.

Find top-ranked doctors
Connect you with trusted and experienced doctors near you who best meet your needs. And if you don’t know exactly what you need, they can help with that too. You can also use Grand Rounds to confirm if a doctor takes your insurance.
Avoid paying too much
Save money by finding doctors in your network and letting you know if the price that they charge is fair.
Know your benefits and coverage
Get help understanding what doctors, treatments, and costs are covered under your medical plan. They’ll also help you understand how to best use your benefits.

Finding her voice 

See how Grand Rounds helped one associate get her life back by finding her the right specialist and best treatment.

Associates in North and South Carolina get even more help

Most associates in North and South Carolina will get a Personal Healthcare Assistant provided by Grand Rounds at no cost. You’ll get personalized online and phone support to help you understand your benefits, get you fast and easy access to doctors and specialists, and help with paperwork. They can even get your kids to daycare so you can focus on seeing your doctor.

Get started

Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Go to and download the app for your phone. You can also call Grand Rounds Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm CT at 1-800-941-1384.

You can call Grand Rounds Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm CT

2019 Grand Rounds

For complete details about the 2019 plan, see the 2018 Associate Benefits Book with 2019 Summary of Material Modifications.