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Think of Grand Rounds as your personal healthcare assistant, connecting you and your family to the exact care you need.

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Find top-ranked doctors

Grand Rounds can connect you
with trusted, experienced doctors
who are right for you.


Save time and money

Grand Rounds will tell you
if a doctor’s prices are fair and
if they take your insurance.


Know your benefits

Learn what’s covered under your
medical plan and find out how to make
the most of your benefits.

Who can use Grand Rounds?

Grand Rounds is available at no cost to most associates and family members enrolled in the Premier PlanSaver PlanContribution PlanLocal Plans, or eCommerce PPO Plan.

If you work in Central Florida, Dallas/Fort Worth Texas, or Northwestern Arkansas, you have access to Grand Rounds for no-cost second opinions, but should use the provider guide to find a doctor.

How do I use Grand Rounds?

Just download the app, or access Grand Rounds on your computer or by phone. They’ll make recommendations for in-network care based on your location, preferences, and health.

Finding her voice 

See how Grand Rounds helped one associate get her life back by finding her the right specialist and best treatment.

I had access to doctors all across the U.S. from coast to coast.
- G. Henderson

Special program in North and South Carolina

Most associates in these states can use a Personal Healthcare Assistant provided by Grand Rounds at no cost. You’ll get personalized online and phone support to help you understand your benefits, fast and easy access to doctors and specialists, and help with paperwork. They can even help find community resources for your kids while you see your doctor. 

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Need help?

You can also call Grand Rounds M-F from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. CT
800-941-1384 (nationwide) 855-377-2200 (Carolinas only)