Resources for Living
Resources for Living
Your very own life coach.

Your very own well-being coach.

Imagine having your very own, 24/7 life coach—someone who can give you advice, family support, career guidance, or even just a little encouragement. Good news, you already do. It’s called Resources for Living and it’s completely free. Just call 800-825-3555 to get started. All calls are confidential and it’s available to all Walmart associates and their household family members. Think of it as your personal life coach to help you through all of life’s highs, lows and everything in between.

See what kind of help is offered.
  • Family: Get information on raising children, searching for the right college, taking care of an aging parent or loved one, starting a family, and more.
  • Social: Learn skills and strategies to strengthen relationships with your family and friends, tap into your creative potential, manage stress, and even stay motivated.
  • Emotional: Access clinical counseling services for anxiety, depression, grief or other emotionally difficult situation, up to 3 free visits per issue per year
  • Career: Discover solutions for balancing life and work, managing time and commitments, enhancing workplace relationships, and more.
  • Financial: Tap into resources to help you set up a budget, learn about housing and home buying, get tips on managing credit card debt, learn how to save for the future, and more.
  • Community: Get help finding important resources in your area, like childcare, eldercare, pet care, info on schools and adult education, housing and more
  • Physical: Learn ways to keep your body and mind healthy, with helpful information on topics like nutrition, weight management, fitness, and overall well-being.
You’re not alone
Domestic violence affects millions of people each year – including many of our associates. Walmart offers resources to protect victims of abuse, both at work and in the community. Here are some options to get started.
Be Well
Check out these monthly articles on how to boost your well-being every day.
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You can also visit for articles, webinars, tools, and resources on a variety of topics to help you live well. Use the username “Walmart” and password “Associate”.