World-class treatment for serious conditions.
If you’re facing something big, like major surgery or cancer, you want the very best treatment. Walmart’s Centers of Excellence (COE) program gives you access to some of the best specialists and hospitals in the country, often at zero cost.

Top-quality care when you need it most.


100% covered

Treatment and travel are fully
covered for all eligible conditions
except weight loss surgery.


The best care

Expert care can help you get the
right treatment, avoid unnecessary
surgery, and get back to your life
and work sooner.


Digital physical therapy

If you’re thinking about spine or joint (hip and knee) replacement surgery, you can do your physical therapy online as part of the Centers of Excellence program.

Brian got the spring back in his step.

See how hip replacement surgery through Centers of Excellence changed Brian's life.  



Edna got her happily ever after. 

Watch this inspiring story and learn how Centers of Excellence can help take care of your heart. 


Where are the Centers of Excellence?

Walmart has partnered with some of the best health centers across the country to make sure you get the best possible care:

  • Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina, for spine surgery
  • Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, for heart surgery
  • Emory in Atlanta, Georgia, for spine surgery and hip and knee replacements
  • Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania, for spine surgery, hip and knee replacements, heart surgery, and weight loss surgery     
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, for hip and knee replacements
  • Kaiser Permanente in Irvine, California for hip and knee replacements
  • Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona, for transplants, spine surgery, hip and knee replacements, and cancer care
  • Memorial Hermann in Houston, Texas, for spine surgery
  • Mercy Springfield in Springfield, Missouri, for spine surgery and hip and knee replacements
  • Northeast Baptist in San Antonio, Texas, for hip and knee replacements and weight loss surgery
  • Northwest Medical Center in Springdale, Arkansas, for weight loss surgery
  • Ochsner in New Orleans, Louisiana, for spine surgery, hip and knee replacements and weight loss surgery
  • Scripps Mercy in San Diego, California, for hip and knee replacements and weight loss surgery
  • University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, for hip and knee replacements and weight loss surgery
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, for heart surgery, spine surgery, and hip and knee replacements
What’s covered?
  • Certain heart surgeries
  • Spine surgery
  • Hip and knee joint replacements
  • Digital physical therapy through IMC as part of the spine and joint replacement benefit
  • Breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, and blood cancers
  • Organ and tissue transplants, such as bone marrow transplants, as well as CAR-T therapy, ventricular assist devices (VAD), and lung volume reduction
  • Weight loss surgery (deductible and coinsurance apply)
Program details

If your condition qualifies, your plan pays 100% for most conditions and even covers travel and lodging for you and a companion, as well as money for personal protective equipment for use while traveling due to COVID-19. You must be enrolled in a Walmart medical plan to use this benefit.

Transplants and weight loss surgery have a one-year waiting period from the date your medical coverage becomes effective before benefits are available.

Spine surgeries, weight loss surgeries, and transplant care are covered only at specific hospitals. Hip and knee replacements not performed at a COE facility are considered out-of-network and will only be covered at 50% after you meet your out-of-network deductible, if your medical plan option includes out-of-network coverage. Some COE program requirements have been temporarily modified in response to COVID-19, so call your health care advisor at the number on the back of your plan ID card before making any plans.

Weight loss surgeries are covered at the regular benefit level of 75% after you meet your annual deductible, and no travel benefits are provided.

If you’re enrolled in the Saver Plan, you need to meet your annual deductible first. 

Ensuring quality care

The Centers of Excellence program requires an extra step for certain services to make sure you’re getting the best care:

  • Radiology. If your doctor orders diagnostic imaging like an MRI or CT scan from a non-COE radiology provider, the program will ask you to switch to a COE provider. If you approve the change, the plan pays 75% of the cost instead of 50%.
  • Cardiac valve surgery. If you and your doctor are considering heart valve surgery, you will be directed to set up a cardiac valve “eReview” with Cleveland Clinic to make sure the treatment is appropriate. If they recommend surgery, you’ll be invited to have it done at Cleveland Clinic, where you’ll get 100% coverage instead of 75% at a non-COE (in-network) facility.
How can you get into the program?
If you think the Centers of Excellence could help you, call your health care advisor. You’ll find the number on the back of your plan ID card.

More resources

Need help?

Call People Services at 800-421-1362.
See the 2022 Associate Benefits Book for more information about your benefits and eligibility. This document will control in the event of any conflict. If you're looking for the 2020 Associate Benefits Book with 2021 Summaries of Material Modifications, you'll find it here.
What’s new for 2022?

We’ve made a couple of changes to make sure you get the most appropriate treatment, under “Ensuring quality care” above. There are no other changes to the Centers of Excellence program, so all the details on this page apply to your current coverage.