Dependent Verification
Making sure your family members are eligible for coverage.

Here’s what you need to know about the dependent eligibility verification process.


Enrolling dependents

We support all our Walmart families and we need to make sure any family member you enroll is eligible. If you enroll a dependent for the first time, you’ll be required to provide documentation to confirm their eligibility starting in January 2021. For more details on who’s eligible, visit the dependent eligibility FAQs.


What to expect

Whether you’re changing your dependents during Annual Enrollment, enrolling dependents for the first time, or have had a family status change recently, you’ll get a letter telling you what you need to do to verify eligibility. The letter will come from our partner, Consova.


Required documents

You may be asked to provide documents that prove your dependents’ relationship to you, like a marriage license or birth certificate. If you don’t respond, or if what you send is incomplete, you could lose benefits for your covered dependents.


Meet Consova, our partner in verifying dependent eligibility

Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, Walmart will be working with Consova to help process requests. Call Consova at 866-859-8792 if you have questions about the audit process or documents requested.


Dependents losing coverage?

If it turns out you have a dependent on your Walmart medical plan who isn’t eligible, you can sign them up for other types of individual coverage instead. Contact HealthCompare to learn about your options. In certain cases, COBRA coverage may also be available. For more information about COBRA, please call WageWorks at 877-924-3967.

Resources and helpful links
  • Consova: Contact Consova at 866-859-8792 if you have questions about the audit process or documents requested. 
  • Marriage and birth record assistance from outside of the U.S.: For help getting birth certificates and marriage licenses in countries outside of the U.S., go to
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – forms and publications: For help getting IRS forms and publications, go to
  • Tax return transcript online through the IRS: For help getting your tax return transcript, go to For more information about the tax return transcript, visit
  • Vital records (birth, marriage, and divorce) by state or territory: For help getting vital records in an individual state or territory, go to
  • Vital records with VitalChek: VitalChek is an external processor authorized by government agencies for ordering official vital records online. To visit VitalChek, go to
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