Hourly PTO

Taking time off for yourself? That's better living.

Your PTO plan offers choice, flexibility, and peace of mind.

PTO gives you control over your time away, as well as flexibility in how you use it. Take time when you choose for just about anything: holidays, family time, personal needs, and when you’re sick and miss work. Plus if you don’t use all your PTO this year, some rolls over to the new year and the rest turns into cash!


Get a quick summary below. For complete details, please see the PTO policy for your work location:

·      Field Walmart, Sam's Club and Supply Chain

·      Corporate/Home Office

PTO, here we go!

Want to get up to speed on all things PTO?

Let our friend Heather break it down for you.


Regular or Protected?

Full-time or part-time?

It’s all explained here. Take a look!

The longer you’re here, the more you earn.

You earn PTO with every hour you work, and even when you use PTO. The more years you work for Walmart, the faster you earn it. The amount you earn also depends on whether you’re full-time, part-time, or temporary.


If you have access to Protected PTO where you work, you earn both regular and Protected PTO at the same time, except temporary associates who earn Protected PTO only.


Here’s how much you can earn (must be on a work computer):

·      Field Walmart, Sam's Club and Supply Chain

·      Corporate/Home Office

What’s the difference between regular PTO and Protected PTO?

Usually you can plan your time away, but sometimes you can’t. That’s why all Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Supply Chain hourly field associates (plus hourly Home Office, Corporate, and Global Tech associates in some locations) have two kinds of PTO.


Use Regular PTO for just about anything, anytime—as long as you make a request and get approval before you take off. You can also use regular PTO to be paid for an absence, but it won’t help you avoid attendance points like Protected PTO.


Use Protected PTO when you’re out sick, need to care for family, have transportation issues, or when anything else comes up that keeps you away. Even if you use it at the last minute, it’ll protect you from attendance points due to an unplanned absence as long as you’ve got enough Protected PTO to cover the time away.


Need more time due to a chronic medical condition? If you have a chronic or long-term medical condition, or are caring for a family member with such a condition, you should request an intermittent Leave of Absence (LOA) through mySedgwick.com or by calling Sedgwick at 800-492-5678. If your leave is approved, you will not receive occurrences for absences which are covered by the approved intermittent LOA, even if you don’t use Protected PTO to be paid for them. If you are missing work due to your own medical condition and are not eligible for an intermittent leave, or you’ve used up all of your intermittent LOA time, you may still qualify for leave as an accommodation, which you can request by calling 855-489-1600.

How to use PTO

First, tell your manager or supervisor as soon as possible. Then just request your time off through the Global Time & Attendance Portal (GTAP). Keep in mind that your facility’s attendance policy still applies, so be sure to follow the appropriate process for reporting an unplanned absence.


Regular or Protected?
If you work in a field Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Supply Chain facility, you can choose to use regular PTO or Protected PTO when you enter your time off request. In Corporate/Home Office locations with access to Protected PTO, the system chooses which kind automatically depending on the reason you select. If you choose “sick/other” it’ll use Protected PTO first, while choosing any other reason will use regular PTO hours instead.


When you use Protected PTO, your absence will be authorized, even if you aren’t able to request it in advance, as long as you’ve got enough Protected PTO to cover it. If you run out and don’t have enough, your regular PTO will be used to pay the rest. But you won’t be absence-protected for the portion of your time away covered by regular PTO—so be sure to understand your facility’s attendance policy.


Because both regular PTO and Protected PTO can be used for any reason, the system will use any available PTO balance to pay you when you don’t have enough of one type or the other.

Didn’t use it all? Cash some out.

Don’t worry—you’ll always get time or cash for unused PTO. PTO you’ve earned but haven’t used will either cash out or roll over into the next year on Feb. 1, when a new PTO “plan year” begins. Any cash-out amount will show up in your first February paycheck.


Carryover and cash out work differently depending on the type(s) of PTO you earn.


You can always check your PTO balance on the Global Time & Attendance Portal (GTAP).

Need more time away?

For full-time associates, PTO works together with short-term disability coverage to support you when you need extended time off due to your own serious medical condition. And depending on your needs, a paid or unpaid leave of absence can cover you if you need to be away for a longer time.

Do you have Sick Time left over?

We moved from Sick Time to PTO a while back. As of Feb. 1, 2021, you don’t need to use up all your PTO and Protected PTO before you can use your leftover Sick Time. So go ahead and take that time to:

·      Get medical treatment for yourself.

·      Take care of a sick parent.

·      Cover your pay during a medical leave that’s not covered by short-term disability benefits, or during the waiting period before benefits begin.

·      Cover you after short-term disability runs out and you don’t have long-term disability.


Of course, you still need to follow your facility’s attendance policy. Sick Time doesn’t work like Protected PTO. So if you use Sick Time for an unplanned absence, it may not be considered authorized.

When you’re not here, we worry about you!

We understand that “life happens” sometimes and you need time to deal with it. But attendance is important for serving our customers. Plus when you’re not here, we worry about you! Please talk to your manager or People Partner if you have any questions about PTO, time away, or your facility’s absence policy.


Need to request time?

Head over to the GTA Portal.


Protected PTO Associate Guide

·      For Field Walmart, Sam's Club and Supply Chain

·      For Corporate/Home Office

Need help?

Call People Services at 800-421-1362.

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