Personal online doctor
For everyday care and extra attention.
Get a personal primary care doctor who can help with your everyday health needs and coordinate care for more serious or ongoing health issues. This expanded online service from Doctor On Demand is only for Colorado and Minnesota associates, as well as select locations in Wisconsin.

Your own personal doctor.

Dedicated care

Get an online primary care doctor

who can see you anytime, order lab work,

write prescriptions, and coordinate care.

Ongoing care

Access an in-house Care Team and doctors

that can help manage long-term illness.

$0 doctor visits

Right now there’s zero cost for each virtual visit

because of COVID-19, including primary care

physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Primary care made easy

If you’d like a convenient, affordable way to get primary care, we’ve made it much easier and less expensive for you to connect with a doctor. This expanded service from Doctor On Demand lets you chat online with your own dedicated doctor anytime, anywhere. They can treat many conditions through video-chat and can write prescriptions and order lab tests — all while getting to know you and your health.

Managing an ongoing condition

If you’re living with a serious, chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease, your personal online doctor can connect you with an in-house Care Team that includes doctors, nurses, and nutritional and diabetic health counselors, plus access to other kinds of specialists and helpful resources. This coordinated, long-term approach can help you manage your illness and make your way to better health.

Who’s eligible?

You are, if you:

  • Work in Colorado, Minnesota, or select locations in Wisconsin.
  • Are enrolled in a Walmart medical plan.


Enrolling in the Saver Plan? Keep in mind that if you’re enrolled in this plan for 2021, you’ll have to pay the full cost starting at $55 until you reach your deductible. Because of COVID-19, the $0 copay is pre-deductible right now.

Meet your new family doctor
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