Life with Baby
We’re here to help.
If you’re expecting, or plan to be, this no-cost program is for you. It’s designed to promote healthy pregnancies and healthy babies through one-on-one attention, information, and support.

Personal support when you need it most. 


Trusted advice

You’ll get your own registered
nurse who will work with you
throughout the process.


With you all the way

From preconception to
early childhood, your nurse will
coach you through everything
you need to know.


Start early

There’s plenty you can do
before you’re even pregnant,
so don’t wait to sign up.

Who’s eligible?

Any associate, spouse/partner, or dependent who’s enrolled in the Premier, Saver, Contribution, or Banner Local plan can enroll at no cost. Most other medical plans have similar programs, so check with your plan.

What’s included?
  • A registered nurse dedicated to you throughout your pregnancy
  • An assessment to see if you’re at risk for a premature or low birth weight baby
  • Timely tips and information as your pregnancy progresses
  • Free gifts for you and your baby    
When should I start?

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, it’s time to sign up. There’s plenty you can do to get ready for a healthy pregnancy before you’re even expecting.

Arkansas associates

If you work in Arkansas, Better Beginnings is another program that offers personalized advice, tips and videos for raising a healthy child, plus resources for high-quality childcare.

Call us to get started
To enroll, call the number on the back of your plan ID card. This varies depending on your medical plan administrator.

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