Hawaii Benefits
Local coverage designed just for you.

Medical plans

You have a choice of two medical plans:

Health Plan Hawaii (HMSA)
HMSA offers comprehensive care and services. Learn more at HMSA.com or by calling 808-948-6372
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan is one of the nation's leading HMOs. Learn more at KaiserPermanente.org or by calling 800-966-5955 (call 808-432-5955 on Oahu).

How it works

Management associates: Medical coverage for management associates will become effective on your date of hire.

Full-time hourly, part-time hourly and temporary associates: Medical coverage for full-time hourly associates (including full-time hourly pharmacists and field supervisor positions in stores and clubs) and part-time hourly and temporary associates in Hawaii will become effective on whichever milestone comes first:

  • The first day of the pay period following a period of working at least 20 hours per week for four consecutive weeks; OR
  • The first day of the calendar month during which your 89th day of continuous employment falls


You can enroll any time after the date of your first paycheck and prior to your effective date.

Dental plan: Get affordable, quality care for your smile.

Vision plan: Get quality care for your eyes.

Resources for Living®:  Enjoy confidential help and referrals that can help with life’s challenges, big and small. It’s like having a 24/7 life coach, and the program won’t cost you anything.

Life insurance: In addition to company-paid life insurance, you can enroll for optional coverage for yourself, your spouse/partner, and your children.

Critical illness insurance: This coverage helps pay for out-of-pocket expenses in case of certain serious conditions.

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance: AD&D pays a benefit if the unthinkable happens like a deadly accident or permanent disability.

Accident insurance: This coverage pays up to $10,000 for out-of-pocket expenses related to an off-the-job injury.

Short-term disability: You're eligible for state-provided temporary disability insurance coverage.

Long-term disability plans: These plans pick up where your state coverage ends, helping replace your income during a lengthy disability.

Long-term disability enhanced plan: Increase your benefit up to 60% of your average weekly wages with this coverage.

401(k) plan: Take advantage of company matching contributions up to 6% of your pay by contributing to a 401(k) account.

Additional information

Please note that part-time hourly and temporary associates may only cover their eligible children and may not cover their spouses/partners. Disability coverage and company-paid life insurance are not available to part-time hourly and temporary associates.

For more information, see the documents available on this page or ask your People Partner.

2019 Hawaii

All the information on this page applies to your 2019 coverage.

See the 2018 Associate Benefits Book with 2019 Summary of Material Modifications for additional information about your benefits and eligibility.