Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a frontrunner for innovation—especially in retail. Today, customers are becoming increasingly savvy about how technology can help them get what they want, when they want, in an even more convenient fashion.

With AI and GenAI, technologists are leading tech-powered customer experiences and redefining the very essence of retail. They are empowered to deliver engaging, intuitive and personalized experiences—in far more imaginative and futuristic ways. 


Ready to explore how AI is bringing these experiences to life? Join us at AI @ Walmart, a day-long, immersive, hybrid summit. Witness insightful discussions led by industry experts, on navigating the rapidly evolving AI landscape, real-world applications and much more.

Why AI @ Walmart
With industry leaders, academicians and innovators taking center stage, AI @ Walmart will offer a peek into the future of AI. Get front row seats to the future of AI-powered innovation!


May 31, 2024

New to 'AI @ Walmart'? Explore sessions from last year’s edition.

Discover the latest AI innovations at Walmart

Over the years, AI has become an integral part of the solutions we build for our customers and members. Discover how we’re shaping a new era of retail with experiences that are seamless, interconnected and always exceeding expectations.

How cloud-powered AI tools are enabling personalized customer experiences at Walmart

Dive into how Walmart leverages cloud and AI to personalize experiences and optimize operations.

This image has the Element logo in the center surrounded by icons depicting the platform’s benefits. Background shows 5 people working together around a laptop.

Walmart’s Element: A machine learning platform like no other

Walmart’s Element, a flexible machine learning platform simplifies the adoption of AI/ML at scale. Learn how Element empowers teams to accelerate time-to-market for AI solutions while reducing costs.

Walmart’s Generative AI search puts more time back in customers' hands

Walmart is harnessing the power of Generative AI to help customers find their desired products quickly and make confident purchase decisions.

AI-powered convenience: The evolution of Scan & Go™

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI have become foundational to our ability to build innovative experiences and ensure our members can get the items they want, where they want them and when they want them. Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go app is a prime example of how we’re always looking to optimize shopping experiences with AI.