Image of a person using a tablet, surrounded by icons depicting various technologies that enable customers to experience a seamless retail journey. TImage of a person using a tablet, surrounded by icons depicting various technologies that enable customers to experience a seamless retail journey.

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Explore the latest in retail technology, real-life applications, and innovations in the industry that’s making headlines globally. These are people-led, tech-powered stories, transforming retail. 

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From Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to Generative AI, our associates are harnessing the latest technologies to improve efficiency, meet evolving customer expectations and create experiences they haven’t yet imagined.

How Walmart plans to use AI to reduce waste

Discover how Walmart is leveraging AI-powered technology to predict, prevent and proactively handle waste across stores.

The image shows a woman using Scan & Go app to scan the barcode of a product on her phone inside a Sam’s Club

Big buys, small lines – How Sam’s Club’s AI-powered technology simplifies our members’ exit experience

Sam’s Club is streamlining the checkout experience to deliver convenience like never before. Learn how their new AI and computer vision-enabled experience is helping members exit stores faster.

Walmart’s Generative AI search puts more time back in customers' hands

Walmart is harnessing the power of Generative AI to help customers find their desired products quickly and make confident purchase decisions.


Watch how we take on real-world challenges and build solutions that transform ideas into innovations.

Walmart's tech evolution through the years

Since our beginning, we have not just expanded our operation, we have also improved our tech stack. Watch how we have evolved our retail process by introducing newer technologies over the years.

How we are setting up the supply chain of the future 

At Walmart, our goal has always been delivering products to our customers at the right time and at the best possible price. Watch how we are bringing this vision to life at Walmart.

SparkTech Summit 

SparkTech Summit is a platform for Walmart Global Tech teams worldwide to collaborate and showcase their innovative retail tech ideas aimed at empowering our customers, members and associates.


From industry insights to tech trends that are revolutionizing retail, here’s what our experts say.

Building cloud and data platforms that enable the customer to save more, live better

Discover how Walmart leverages cloud technology and AI to transform customer, member and associate experiences in this podcast featuring Anil Madan.

What it takes to build cutting-edge retail-tech for the world

In this podcast, listen to Deepali Dani, Talent Partner talk about how our associates are innovating for the future of retail tech.

How Generative AI will augment retail tech

In this podcast, listen to Rohit Chatter, Chief Software Architect to know how Generative AI is augmenting retail-tech, while driving productivity and efficiency.