What's Good, Walmart?


We dare you to watch What’s Good, Walmart? without smiling. Spoiler: It’s impossible! And that’s exactly the point of this online video series, produced by (and starring!) associates.


“In retail, we often hear about things going wrong,” says Elizabeth Walker, writer and creative force in Walmart’s Digital Strategy and Brand Engagement team. “That makes it even more important to highlight the countless ways things go right every day in our stores and clubs.


Elizabeth works on a team of four—Matt Orcutt edits the videos, Jonathan Cappolino creates the graphics, and Tyler Thomason is the host—and they do an amazing job covering an amazing group.


With more than 30 episodes featuring more than 200 associates as of March 2021, What’s Good, Walmart? has highlighted:


“We have so many associates all over the world,” Tyler says. “They’re talented. They’re fun. Honestly, they inspire me. Each associate has a story, and I’m honored every time I get the opportunity to share one of them.”


“I loved working on the PRIDE episode," Elizabeth adds. "We worked with Walmart's PRIDE Associate Resource Group, along with our friends, family and coworkers to make sure we treated identity—an important topic—in a thoughtful way."

What's Good, Walmart | EP 07 | "PRIDE EDITION!"

When asked what he wants associates to know about the series, Tyler says, “Associates make the series happen. Their acts of kindness. Their creativity. Their innovation. Their hard work. There’s so much of it going on, and it deserves to be recognized.”


Keep sharing those stories, because Tyler and the team are ready to spread your good news far and wide.