Welcome to Walmart World!

On this platform, we’re devoted to what makes Walmart and its family of brands so special: you!


For 50 years, Walmart World has been informing, inspiring and celebrating associates. Our goal is to honor and spotlight your stories and your wins. And we know a thing or two about journeys.


When we first launched Walmart World (back in the 1970s!), it was a black-and-white magazine with a little color added from time to time. Back in the day, we debuted new stories once a month in an individually hand-stapled packet, distributed to just a couple thousand associates.


Each decade, we added a little more color. By the 2000s, we were a full-color, glossy magazine!


Over the years, we’ve featured your photos, videos, store displays, poems, songs, milestones and fun moments at work. Each of your stories has filled our hearts with a deep appreciation for all you do.


Now 50 years on, we are a company over 2 million associates strong, and your stories are just too big to contain! Today’s Walmart World delivers an online experience tailored to our digital world.


While our appearance has changed, one thing hasn’t: We remain your biggest fan, and we’re here to celebrate you!