Spark City Levels Up to Lawn & Garden
Spark City Levels Up to Lawn & Garden

The Spark City app now has a new department! 

Once you hit your goals in Dry Grocery you can now try your hand at running the Lawn and Garden department.

Manage a team of associates by assigning tasks and training them to improve their performance. More people = more tasks!  Use your new team to help with the same processes you mastered in Dry Grocery, as well as watering and maintaining plants, running the cash register, and more.

Additionally, Spark City is now featured in some area-specific hourly supervisor classes at the Academy.




Hint: Want to unlock the new Garden Center area? Just hit or exceed all three of the following metrics in Dry Grocery:

  • Increase sales by 6%
  • OSCA score of 98%
  • CFF score of 101%


Download the Spark City app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using the links below.

Download the Spark City App