3 Smart Tips for Your TC70
3 Smart Tips for Your TC70

The TC70 is filled with apps for helping associates do their jobs with more efficiency than ever before. More like a smartphone than previous tools, it’s faster, more intuitive, and easier to update than the Telxons or MC40s. There are no more remembering function keys because you can scroll through everything you need.

With the TC70’s updated technology, developers at the Home Office can build new apps for associates in a matter of weeks, instead of the years it took to develop apps for the Telxon. Now there are a variety of apps for everyone from the front end to the pharmacy to the sales floor. Eventually, there will be an app for every job, and Telxons and MC40s will be phased out.

“The TC70 is the best tool I’ve seen in a long time,” says 12-year associate Jason D., department manager, produce, Store 2444 in Oneida, N.Y. “I’ve been trying to teach my associates with that because it tells you everything about a product, from the last time you had it too when you’re getting it in.”

Everything you need is built into the TC70. Plus, you can access the WIRE to check your schedule or look up training materials.

Here are three more smart ways to use your TC70:

1. Scan With the Sales Floor Tool

Simply scanning an item or a label with the Sales Floor Tool delivers an abundance of helpful info. Rather than just reviewing the price or count of an item, the TC70’s replenishment system lets you see the next three orders of that item to be delivered to your store. That way, you can make better, faster decisions when placing an order.

2. Pick on Demand

Also in the Sales Floor Tool, you can scan an item and tap “Create Pick” to drop it into the list of items you need to get from the backroom. Set up picks on demand for an entire category or an entire department to increase efficiency for areas that do massive amounts of picks daily.

3. Auto Print as You Scan

The print button is now located on a different screen, and it lets you print a price tag if needed. You can even enable auto print to automatically print labels for items you’ve just scanned; just choose between shelf labels, inventory labels, Rollback labels, and clearance labels.