Here’s Why You Should Be Using Walmart Pay
Here’s Why You Should Be Using Walmart Pay

Innovation makes checking out easier.

Victoria A. from Store 4590 in Lee’s Summit, Mo., is a big fan of Walmart Pay.


Let’s cut to the chase. Walmart Pay makes checkout way easier, and if you aren’t using it, you should be. For that matter, if your customers aren’t using it, they should be! They’ll thank you for the recommendation. At this point, it shouldn’t be surprising that we’re all about revolutionizing the way people shop, and Walmart Pay is one of our latest simple-to-use innovations to make shopping easier than ever.


Here’s why you should be using Walmart Pay:


Link to Your Associate Discount Card

Walmart Pay makes it even easier to get that associate discount we all love. Just open the barcode scanner inside the Walmart App and scan the QR code below. Then all you need to do is input your Walmart identification number, and you’re ready to start saving.

It’s Safe

Walmart Pay allows you to safely store credit card info, gift cards, and associate discount cards within the App. Accessing any of this information to make purchases or edit your account requires you to use your Touch ID or security passcode—meaning your private information remains confidential if your device is stolen. Likewise, the encryption technology within the App ensures your payments will remain secure and private.


Faster Checkout

Because it securely stores your payment info, Walmart Pay makes the checkout process easier than ever. Like a mobile wallet, the App bypasses the original payment process and instead allows you to scan a QR code that automatically submits quick payment through the App. That means no more shuffling to get your change back into your wallet.

Victoria A. from Store 4590 in Lee’s Summit, Mo., is a big fan of Walmart Pay. She says, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my wallet at home by mistake but then used Walmart Pay to check out instead of having to go home.”


Paperless Returns

Once you’ve completed your speedy checkout, Walmart Pay automatically logs your digital eReceipt within the App—making it easy to find your receipt if you need to return or exchange an item.


There’s a whole lot to love about Walmart Pay if you’re looking for an easier way to check out. (And who isn’t!?) Safe, fast, with paperless returns. No more fumbling with cash or credit cards, checks, purses, or wallets. It’s just one more great reason why the Walmart App should be on everyone’s phone. We’re continuing to push the boundaries with innovative technology, and Walmart Pay is the easy-to-use checkout solution for some of the most common challenges that our customers face.


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