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July 4th Activities, Ideas & Hacks

Time to cross off some items on your July 4th bucket list. Sure you could just let it be a typical summer day. But why not break away from the same old routine & plan a spectacular, superpatriotic, star spangled, revolutionary party that will go down in history!? Check out the articles below:

Sizzlin' 4th of July Fun
There's no better way to celebrate America than to plan a party with these 4 cheap & easy DIY ideas!
Honor the United States Flag
Learn how to properly fold Old Glory
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Perfectly Patriotic Outdoor Games Under $21
Here are 4 cheap, fun outdoor activities to make your 4th of July party stand out!
Don't Lose Your Cool
The best way to pack your cooler
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It's Hot in Herrre
5 steps to get a campfire going
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