Perfectly Patriotic Outdoor Games Under $21
Perfectly Patriotic Outdoor Games Under $21 for All Ages
You don’t have to break the piggy bank for these outdoor games.

Keeping your kids entertained is hard enough and can be pricey. Here are a few tips & budget friendly games for kids of all ages.


AGES 2-5

Keep it structured, but don’t forget the fun. Planning a “Freedom Scavenger Hunt" or an “Old Glory Drawing Contest” will keep those babes in liberty bliss.



AGES 6-11

Give those social butterflies wings! These patriotic pre-teens typically enjoy social engagement, so opt for activities that involve friends & siblings.



AGES 12 +

GAME ON. These firecracker heroes love competition. Have fun keeping score and awarding one overall winner at the end of the night. This will bring all generations together in friendly rivalry.


Did you know there are many benefits to spending time outdoors? Here are a few:

  • LIT UP: Higher vitamin D levels
  • VIBES: Improved mood and self-esteem
  • BRAIN POWER: Increased creativity and focus
  • SUPERHERO: Faster healing times
  • SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Improved social skills
  • X-RAY VISION: Better vision in children
  • CHILL PILL: Reduced stress
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