How to Start a Container Garden
How to Start a Container Garden

Add a pop of color to your home by planting flowers in easy containers.  

Flower gardening shouldn’t be intimidating—especially if you try a container garden with easy-to-grow flowers, says Carmen Johnston, the owner of Carmen Johnston Gardens, a landscape design firm in Macon, Ga. Up for some planting? Keep her advice in mind.  

Materials Checklist (Find a variety of supplies in the Graden Center at stores and/or at

  • Garden trowel: For scooping soil and prep-ping holes for planting.
  • Shower wand: Attaches to your hose so you can gently water your flowers.
  • Cultivator: A handheld cultivator easily loosens roots for planting. 
  • Pruning shears: For trimming back dying branches or blooms. 
Here Are 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started

#1 Work in Threes: Group containers in sets of threes in different sizes. Odd numbers look better than even ones, and a variety of forms adds interest. 

#2 Go for Low Maintenance: These flowers are fairly universal and are easy to care for—making them great options for your garden. 

  • Lantana: This comes in many different colors and blooms from late spring until the first frost. 
  • Trailing Vinca: This hearty plant also comes in many colors. 
  • Portulaca: This succulent blooms during the day and closes up at night. 

#3 Loosen Roots: Loosening the root ball before planting will help the flowers thrive sooner. 

#4 Use Good Soil! Potting soil or flower-specific soil will likely work better than soil from your yard. 

#5 Oops!  The Leaves Are Turning Black: Put down the shower wand. Chances are you’ve been overwatering your flowers. Give them a few days to dry out. Think your plants need a drink? Stick your finger into the soil. If it feels damp, don’t water.


If you need help preping a seed to plant, check out this OneWire Article.

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