4th of July Fun: 3 Easy Ideas
Sizzlin' 4th of July Fun
Here are 4 cheap, easy & fun outdoor activities to make your 4th of July party stand out!

There's no better way to celebrate America than to plan a party with these easy DIY ideas. Here are 4 tips from our Patriotic Party Playbook!


  • Cornhole brings all generations together in friendly rivalry.


  • Lawn Twister is a great way to get your family twisted up in all the fun! Spray paint the colorful circles on your grass or use chalk on the driveway. 


  • Water Balloon Dodge Ball to cool down after that heat wave hits.


  • Oversized Lawn Dominoes to school those kids with fun! Find several cardbord boxes and cut out 3.5" x 7" rectangles. Then add the dots. Bonus tip: use rocks to keep them from flying away.   


Here are a few more Outdoor games avaliable on Walmart.com


  • Patriotic Potluck - Plan your menu by having your family & friends draw food names from a bag in advance. Round out the meal with sides like Walmart Deli Baked Beans. Then top it off with desserts—like Patriotic Star Sugar Cookies—from the Walmart Bakery.


  • Churro-K By Me - Get the kids to join by having them name, write & color unique name tags for the food on your table. Let those imaginations run wild!


Food Safety Alert! Hot and cold foods should not sit out longer than two hours. After that time, place cold food back in the fridge or cooler and put hot foods on a warmer.


DIY Projection Outdoor Movie Theater is a great way to end the night. Tie a white sheet to a fence or wall (secure it so it doesn't move in the wind). Use a phone projector to screen your own blockbuster. Download your favorite movies from Vudu and you're all set!


Here are several great movie choices for all ages.

  • Kid Friendly Movies:

        • The Sandlot (PG | 1993)

        • Moana (PG | 2016)

        • Jaws (PG | 1975)

        • The Goonies (PG | 1985)

        • The Jungle Book (PG | 2016)

        • The Lion King (PG | 1994)

        • Field Of Dreams (PG | 1989)

        • Close Encounters of the Third Kind (PG | 1977)

        • Selena (PG | 1997)

  • Grown-Up Movies:

        • Grown Ups (PG-13 | 2010)

        • Friday (R | 1995)

        • I Know What You Did Last Summer
              (R | 1997)

        • How Stella Got Her Groove Back 
              (R | 1998)

        • Us (R | 2019)

        • Scarface (R | 1983)

        • Superbad (R | 2007)

        • Independence Day (PG-13 | 1996)


  • Fly that Flag - Let's not forget why we are celebrating this holiday. The U.S. flag holds a special meaning for all of us. It represents freedom above all else.


  • Did You Know? The 4th of July & Memorial Day are the two peak sales periods for U.S. flag sales at Walmart.
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