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What is ZP Family? 

What is ZP Family, and how can it help me?
ZP Family is about finding ways to connect with the people you love and making family a priority by making better choices. You can focus on your actual family, your work family, or your family of friends. You can choose to connect with all of the people you care about most—or focus on just one

How do I know what’s a ‘better choice’ when it comes to ZP Family?
It’s very simple: a better choice is one you feel will help strengthen your relationships. And the best thing about ZP Family is that you decide what a better choice is. Associates have shared that ZP Family helped them be more mindful of the people they care about most and helped keep their relationships on their to-do lists, especially when life gets so hectic and busy.

What are examples of ZP Family better choices?
Some associates shared that they started new habits, like making time at bedtime to tell stories about the day, banning electronics from the dinner table in order to give each other undivided attention, or planning monthly date nights. It can be as small as texting a friend to let them know you care, working on a project with your kids, offering praise to a coworker or friend, or visiting a relative who could use some extra love.

How do I get started?
It couldn’t be easier. Download the free all-new ZP app, or grab a ZP booklet—you can usually find them in your break room. Email us if you need help getting a ZP booklet.


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ZP Family Tip: 

Derek Mathews wanted to give back and decided to join the Coast Guard Reserves. He’s taking ZP Challenge to help him improve his fitness and also focus on his family as the Reserves will mean time away from his spouse and 10-year-old daughter. “A board game night is a great way to set aside time for putting the phones down and having conversations together.”

Derek Mathews, Regional Operations Center #9848; Bentonville, Ark.

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