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Start the new year strong with benefits that have your back physically, emotionally, and financially.
You'll find a team of programs that won't cost you a thing no matter how long you've been an associate.

Meet your team:

Your own
health coach

A better choice

The money
Your own health coach

It's like having a coach help you reach your health goals one text at a time. With myAgileLife, you can target weight loss and more. If you are diabetic, there's a new program that can save you money on prescriptions. Learn more here.

A better choice helper

It's your answer to managing stress when you're feeling overwhelmed. With the Thrive ZP Challenge, you and your family can set goals, use tools to reset your mind, and win thousands in cash prizes. To learn more, just go to

The money manager

It's an app that makes it easier to save and manage your money. With Even, you can set aside money automatically from each paycheck so you budget instantly for upcoming bills and expenses. To learn more, just go to