Life Events

Life Events

How do I request time off?

It’s easy to request time off. Just check your available balance with the Global Time and Attendance (GTA) Portal on the WIRE, submit a request for time off and get it approved by your manager.

If you take last-minute PTO for a sick day, vacation or other personal reasons, submit your request as soon as possible. Keep in mind that your facility’s attendance policy may apply. Be sure to follow the proper process for reporting unplanned absences. Unplanned absences will be subject to your facility’s specific attendance policy.

How much time can I take off when I have a baby?

The parental benefit supports associates who become a parent through a birth, adoption or foster-care placement that happens and take a leave of absence on or after March 1, with up to six weeks of protected paid time away from work.

Who's eligible:
The parental benefit applies to associates who become a parent through a birth, adoption, or foster-care placement that happens on or after March 1, 2018. Associates on parental leave prior to Mar. 1, 2018 will use the policy and benefits that were already in place.

It's available to all salaried associates, and to full-time associates who have worked at Walmart for at least 12 months. It's available to eligible associates in all states, including CA, OR and other Paid Parental Leave States.

Keep in mind, the parental benefit is for new legal parents, guardians, and foster parents only.

How it works:
Eligible associates can take up to six weeks of protected paid parental leave.

Time away needs to be taken continuously. Time can be taken at any point in the 12 months following the date they became a new parent. Salaried associates may also be able to use the Family Care Pay program for up to two weeks to cover the time you care for a spouse or dependent who has an eligible medical condition, including the birth of a child. You can find more details on the WIRE.

Associates receive 100 percent of pay (based on average weekly wages). Because this benefit is part of Walmart’s short-term disability coverage, associates need to file a claim with Sedgwick. It’s important to file before the date of birth, adoption or placement to make sure they get paid right away.

Important: Associates on parental leave prior to Mar. 1, 2018 will use the policy and benefits that were already in place.

Questions? Associates can visit the Child Birth or Adoption page here to learn about these benefits. If you or an associate still needs answers, just call People Services at 800-421-1362.

What is critical illness insurance?
  • This benefit can be used for medical or non-medical expenses related to certain critical illnesses and diseases.
  • Coverage amounts are available in $5,000 increments up to a maximum of $20,000.
  • If you and/or your covered spouse/partner use tobacco products, and choose not to enroll in and complete a quit tobacco program, you will pay more for this coverage.
  • Proof of Good Health is not required for any level of critical illness insurance coverage.

Download a copy of the Critical Illness Brochure to learn more.

Is there an age limit for keeping my older kids on my health plan?

Dependent children up to age 26 are eligible for enrollment, even if they aren’t full time students or if they’re married. Each enrolled dependent must meet all dependent eligibility requirements. When you enroll a dependent over age 18, your dependent must call Walmart People Services at 800-421-1362 to make any changes to address.

Questions about how your benefits will change when your dependent turns 26? Give us a call and we can help. You or your dependent can also contact a HealthCompare agent who can walk you through benefits options outside of the Walmart Plans.

  • People Services: 800-421-1362
  • HealthCompare: 877-260-1824
What do I need to do to take a long term leave of absence?

Walmart offers Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or personal medical leave for associates being treated for cancer. Depending upon individual circumstances, you may be eligible for unpaid leave.

How do I update my address when I move?

Moving? Make sure you update your benefits info with your new address in the online enrollment tool or with your personnel associate or training coordinator. Note: You must complete an online enrollment session and allow the pay period to end for your address to update.

Are there benefits or assistance with adoption?

For associates who grow their family through adoption, we offer a benefit to help pay you back for eligible adoption costs. This benefit pays you back, up to $5,000 per child, for expenses related to adopting a new family member.

Who's eligible?

  • Salaried associates and
  • full-time hourly associates who have worked at Walmart for at least 12 months.

Important: effective date

This benefit is effective as of Feb. 1, 2018.

  • To qualify for this benefit:
    • Adoptions must be finalized on or after Feb. 1., and
    • your adoption services received and the date of your paid expenses must be on or after Feb. 1.
How can I make changes to my benefits plan after my divorce is finalized?

Walmart offers a wide range of support to help you cope emotionally and financially during and after a divorce. The Divorce Checklist provides information and resources for things like filing a medical support order, making coverage and beneficiary changes online, exploring new coverage options.

Divorce can put a strain on your wellbeing. ZP Challenge can help. This friendly competition with prizes helps support better decisions regarding fitness, food, family and money.

Is there a directory of doctors and other providers closer to where I'm moving to?

Moving affects every part of your life, and it can be exciting and challenging. Walmart offers a wide range of support to help you make a smooth transition. The Moving Checklist has information and links to help you update your address, and find a doctor in your area.

You can also use Resources for Living for support, encouragement, guidance, financial planning and to help you find resources in your new community like childcare, elder care, and tools for coping with the stress of moving.

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