Disability Accommodations

At Walmart, we understand that sometimes a medical condition can make your work difficult. We’re committed to creating an environment where all associates are safe and productive, even those with disabilities. Sometimes that means providing an accommodation - a change in policy, practices, or the environment that help an associate with a disability to perform the essential functions of their job without creating an undue hardship for the company.

It’s the Accommodation Team’s job to provide the resources you need to help do your work effectively. We also help associates find appropriate new jobs within Walmart, and assist applicants with disabilities during the hiring process.


How the process works:


Getting started

Questions about accommodations?
Let's get to work.

Go to mySedgwick.com to explore videos about disability accommodations.
In the menu dropdown, go to Help, then click on Helpful Videos.

Are you running out of leave?

The longest leave of absence LOA you can take for medical leaves is 52 weeks. Check the LOA section for more information about extensions or call the Accommodation Service Center at 855-489-1600