ADA - Accommodation Centralized Intake

ADA – Accommodation Centralized Intake

At Walmart, we understand that sometimes a medical condition can make your work difficult. We aim to provide you with the resources to help you do your job effectively. Our ADA accommodation program helps associates perform their jobs and look for new ones within Walmart. The program also assists applicants with a disability during the hiring process.

How to request Accommodation Services

Asking for reasonable accommodation is easy to do:

1. First, talk about your needs with your management team. Your manager can often approve a Job Adjustment (JA).

  • A JA can include things like stools, dress code exceptions, personal assistive devices, water bottles, emergency food, accessible parking, and minor equipment or ergonomic devices.

2. If your needs can’t be met with a JA, you’ll need to call the Accommodation Service Center (ASC) at 855-489-1600 between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT.

  • Make sure to have your Walmart Identification Number (WIN) ready when you call.
  • ASC may ask for additional information from you or your health care provider.
  • ASC usually makes its decision within five business days once they receive all your information.

Have you exhausted your medical Leave of Absence (LOA) and need an extension?

Under our Leave of Absence Policy, the most time you can take for medical leaves is 52 weeks. Under our Accommodation in Employment Policy, however, there are some situations where we can extend a leave. If you’re on a personal medical LOA approaching 52 weeks or your medical leave is otherwise used up, you can ask for a leave of absence extension as an accommodation. To request an extension, please call the Accommodation Service Center (ASC) at 855-489-1600. The ASC will ask you for more information to help them review and make a decision about your request.