Emotional, Physical and Financial well-being resources
You’re there for our customers. We’re here for you.
As you take care of our customers and communities, we want to make sure you and your family members are taken care of, too. Your physical, emotional and financial well-being remain a top priority.

We’re in this together.


See a doctor from home

Text, talk, or video chat with
a doctor from the comfort and
safety of your home.


Get advice and support

This is a tough time and we have
extra resources to help you cope
with stress during COVID-19.


Extra financial help

Get cash when you need it from

weekly access to part of your net earned

wages to penalty-free 401(k) withdrawals.

Physical well-being

See a doctor from home

Available to most associates enrolled in a Walmart medical plan

  • You can video chat with a doctor through our telehealth service, Doctor On Demand. We’re waiving the typical $4 copay so it won’t cost you a thing. Make an appointment that fits your schedule. Medical visits are available 24/7. And if you’d like to assess your risk for COVID-19, complete this two minute self-assessment.
  • You can also talk or video chat with your own doctor right from home. It’s covered just like a regular doctor’s visit. Depending on the plan you have, you’ll be charged the same copay or pay the cost of your care until your deductible is met. Just contact your doctor's office to schedule an appointment.

If you’re enrolled in an eComm PPO or HMO plan, contact your plan administrator to learn how you can visit a doctor from home.

Not enrolled in a Walmart medical plan? No problem.

Now you can securely message a doctor 24/7 from home. With 98point6, doctors are always available, even without an appointment. The cost is just $20 for the first three months and $1 per visit. 98point6 is a service offered through Sam’s Club, but you don’t need a membership to get access.

  • Not a Sam’s Club Member? Create a guest account before you start
    Note: You don’t need to purchase a Sam’s Club membership to get the 98point6 service. If you see a Sam’s Club membership, ITS (Invitation to Shop) to Sam’s Savings, already added to your cart, be sure to remove it before continuing with checkout.
  • If you’re already a Sam’s Club member, or once you’ve created a guest account, get started at SamsClub.com/associatecare

What happens after checkout? 

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email from Sam’s Club once your purchase is complete.
  • Within 12 hours of your purchase, Sam’s Club will send an email saying your account has been activated and include instructions for getting the 98point6 app.
  • After 12 hours, even if you don’t receive an email, your account will be active, and you can get 98point6 from the Apple App store or Google Play. Simply enter your mobile number and sign in. The app will recognize your account and you can begin messaging a doctor right away.


  • For help with SamsClub.com, call 888-746-7726.
  • For general questions about 98point6, call Walmart People Services at 800-421-1362.

98point6 is not a benefit plan offered by Walmart.

Get your prescriptions by mail

COVID-19 testing is covered

  • If you need to be tested for COVID-19 and you’re covered on a Walmart medical plan, testing is available at no cost to you.

Unable to work?

  • The COVID-19 Emergency Leave Policy is available so you have the support you need if you need to stay home. Learn more or visit mySedgwick to file a claim.
Emotional well-being

Find someone to talk to

  • You and your family have someone who’ll listen and offer free advice 24/7 with Resources for Living. Just call 800-825-3555 or go online and video chat with a counselor for free. You can also see a psychiatrist or psychologist and schedule up to three sessions per issue per year at no cost.
  • Resources for Living also offers an online therapy service called Talkspace that helps you connect with licensed therapists through text, audio, or video messages. This secure, confidential service quickly matches you with therapists based on your needs and location. Talkspace is provided as part of your three free RFL face-to-face sessions per issue per year. One week of texting is equal to one session. Get started at Talkspace.com/RFL where you can register and download the app. 
  • Participants in a Walmart medical plan can also use Doctor On Demand to talk or video chat with a mental health specialist for $0. 

Get tips to relieve stress

  • With Thrive Global, we’re here to help you with real tools and tips from associates and experts on dealing with the stress of the new normal. When times are difficult, information is power. So learn more about Thrive Global and other tools on One.Walmart.com/MyWalmartCares
Financial well-being

Get cash when you need it

  • With Even, you’ll now get weekly access to part of your net earned wages with Instapay and access to Even Plus at no cost.

Get paid for unpaid leave

  • You may now use available sick time to get paid for unpaid leave taken under the COVID-19 Emergency Leave Policy. And all associates can use their legacy sick time to care for an immediate family member who is ill or for their own illness. Learn more in the Interim Emergency Sick Time Policy.

Get money from your 401(k)

  • If you’ve been financially affected by COVID-19, you can withdraw up to $100,000 from your 401(k) without any penalties. To fill out a request, you can download the Benefits Online App for iOS and Android or visit Merrill. If you have questions, check out the new 401(k) FAQ.

Get extra time to repay loans

  • You can also delay payments on new or existing 401(k) loans for up to a year. Interest will still add up during this time and, once the delay ends, your payments will be slightly higher as a result. Remember, this is your own money, so you’re actually paying yourself back.

Get more cash in hand

  • Taking care of you means taking care of your money, too. That’s why we accelerated payment of the Q1 MyShare incentive and provided special cash bonuses for all hourly associates.
Thank you for taking care of America. We’re here to take care of you.
With Walmart Cares, get access to things like a daily health tracker, helpful tips to deal with stress, and a chance to win big cash prizes by making better choices from home.

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