Adoption Benefits
Get help with your expenses.
Get financial help
Thinking of adopting? We can help cover up to $5,000 of your costs when you welcome a new family member through adoption.

Adoption is expensive. We can help.


Financial help

Walmart can help cover the cost of
some of your adoption expenses
—up to $5,000 per child.


Eligible costs

Most adoption-related expenses,
from legal fees to travel costs,
are eligible for this benefit.    


Filing deadline

Once the adoption is finalized,
you’ve got 180 days to file your
paperwork for this benefit.

Who’s eligible?
  • Full-time hourly associates who have worked for Walmart for at least 12 months
  • All salaried associates from your date of hire
How it works
  • Walmart can help offset the cost of many adoption-related expenses, including:
    • Application fees
    • Home studies
    • Agency and placement fees
    • Legal fees and court costs
    • Immigration, immunization, and translation fees
    • Transportation, meals, and lodging
    • Parent, child, and family adoption counseling
  • Complete a request form once your adoption is finalized.
  • Attach documents to support each expense.

Return your form and documentation within 180 days of the adoption date.

Plan details and limits
  • You can receive a maximum of $5,000 per child
  • There's also an annual maximum of $10,000 and a lifetime maximum of $20,000.
  • For details, including exactly what costs are eligible, check out the FAQ, or see the official policy.
  • If you have questions, call People Services at 800-421-1362.    

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