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While some benefits begin as soon as you are hired, benefits, like medical and dental, become available after you’ve finished your eligibility period. Once you meet this requirement, you have a one-time opportunity to enroll in these benefits for the rest of the year. You cannot enroll in most benefits outside of this eligibility window unless you have a qualifying status-change event, like getting married, having a baby, or getting divorced. It’s very important to enroll when you first become eligible.


Why enroll right away?

With certain benefits, there are special advantages to enrolling when you’re first eligible—which you can’t get if you wait for your next opportunity to enroll.


How it works

Type of plan Advantage of enrolling when you’re first eligible

Short-term disability enhanced (hourly associates only), NY Short-term disability enhanced (hourly associates only), long-term disability, and long-term disability enhanced: Avoid the 12-month waiting period for these benefits by enrolling when you become eligible.  If your hire date is on or after Jan. 1, 2016, or if you were hired earlier but enroll after your initial enrollment period, you will have a 12-month wait before the coverage takes effect. Truck drivers won't have to provide Evidence of Insurability if you enroll in long-term disability as soon as you are eligible.

Optional associate and dependent life insurance

Optional associate life: You can enroll in a coverage amount of $25,000 without showing you're healthy enough to be eligible. After your initial enrollment period, you must provide a Proof of Good Health certification (PDF) to enroll in any coverage amount or to increase your coverage amount.

Optional dependent life: You can enroll in a coverage amount of $5,000 for your spouse/partner without providing Proof of Good Health. After your initial enrollment period, you must provide Proof of Good Health for your spouse/partner to enroll in any coverage amount or to increase the coverage amount.

Note: If you wish to enroll in optional dependent life for your children (under 26 years old), you do not have to provide Proof of Good Health for them.


Learn more about your specific benefits offering by selecting whether your position is classified as Full-timePart-time/TemporaryManagement, Truck Driver or California-based Pharmacist. See the 2020 Associate Benefits Book for additional information about your benefits and eligibility. Those documents will control in the event of any conflict.

2019 Links and Documents

2019 eligibility and enrollment details are the same as for 2020. However, here are some resources specific to 2019 plans.

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