Walmart Health Associate FAQ's

Associate Benefit FAQ's

Using Walmart Health

How will the Walmart Health center be different from going to my own doctor?

This will be similar to going to your own doctor and possibly more convenient with primary care, dental, and optometry all in one location, as well as counseling, diagnostics and wellness programs. The provider groups delivering services in the Walmart Health center may be In-Network providers, so the process for using the services offered in Walmart Health may be the same as visiting other In-Network providers. At the time you make your appointment, your insurance status and co-pay will be confirmed.

Will associates be able to use the Walmart Health center?

Yes, associates will be able to use the Walmart Health center. We are offering appointments for associates only the week before the grand opening, then associates can book visits through the convenient scheduling website. We will also offer basic services at low prices year-round for associates, such as medical office visits for just $4 per visit for associates and dependents enrolled in the Walmart Premier Plan, Contribution Plan and Local Plan options.

For associates and dependents enrolled in medical benefits under the Walmart medical plan, see Question 7 for details about how Walmart Health works with benefits under the plan.

How will associates and dependents be identified at check-in during soft launch?

Associates: will need to show badge or associate discount card and ID 

Dependents: will need to be accompanied by an associate with above requirements  

What are the address, phone number, and hours?

Walmart Health is open in Dallas, GA, and coming soon to Calhoun, GA, in January, 2020.

Dallas Location
3615 Marietta Hwy, Dallas, GA 30157-9472
Mon - Sat: 7:30 am–7:30 pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

Calhoun Location
448 West Belmont Dr., Calhoun, GA 30701
Mon - Sat: 7:30 am–7:30 pm
Sunday 10:00am-6:00 pm

How do I book an appointment online?

Just visit to book either the Dallas or Calhoun location.

Your Benefits and Health Records

How does the Walmart Health center work with my current benefits?

Walmart Health is working on the necessary agreements to become a network provider under the Associates’ Health and Welfare Plan (the “Walmart medical plan”).

In the event Walmart Health is not a network provider at its grand opening, Walmart Health will still be able to offer preventive services and office visits for a $4 copay to most participants in the Walmart medical plan.  This discounted $4 copay will only be available to participants in the Premier Plan, Contribution Plan and Local Plan options.  Due to IRS rules governing health plans that are used with Health Savings Accounts, associates enrolled in the Saver Plan option are required to pay the posted retail price when using the Health Center, unless the visit is limited to preventive services. The $4 copay will not be applied to the annual out-of-pocket maximum.  As a reminder, copays are not applied to the annual deductible under the terms of the Walmart medical plan.  Any other services will be the participant’s responsibility and will not be processed under the terms of the Walmart medical plan.

When Walmart Health is a network provider, Walmart medical plan participants will still be able to receive preventive services and take advantage of the $4 copay for each office visit.  In addition, claims for other eligible services will be processed by the plan, subject to the annual deductible and annual out-of-pocket maximum, under the same rules that apply to a network provider.  The $4 copay will be available under most plan options, except the Saver Plan option, as explained above.  The $4 copay will be applied to the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

Note:  If you’re in the Kaiser HMO, please see information provided by Kaiser for any provider restrictions.  The Walmart Health center is not a Kaiser network provider.  Associates can still use Walmart Health and enjoy the convenience at the everyday affordable prices it offers, but you may pay more than if you were to choose a Kaiser network provider.  Please check with Kaiser before you select a provider.

How do I know Walmart won’t get access to my health records?

Walmart Inc. will not have access to medical records, and we take patient privacy very seriously. All visits to the Walmart Health center are protected by government regulations (e.g., HIPAA) and Walmart policies that govern how Walmart may use customers’ protected health information. Under HIPAA, the use and disclosure of your personal health information is limited to treatment, payment and healthcare operation purposes only. Any exception will require your authorization. We use industry-recognized third-party secure systems for billing and record keeping. These systems have secure and compliant certifications to keep information confidential. When associates visit the clinic, they are patients receiving medical services and their information will be treated with the confidentiality, privacy and care of any other patient and customer.

Your Costs and How You Pay

What does it cost to use the Walmart Health center?

The price you pay depends on your medical plan. For example, medical office visits are just $4 per visit for associates and dependents enrolled in the Walmart Premier Plan, Contribution Plan and Local Plan options. The affordable cash price is posted in the center and patients receive an estimate for services upon making an appointment.

Will associates have any special discounts for healthcare services?

No. But we will provide low, transparent pricing for key health services that may be out of reach for many customers, regardless of health insurance coverage. For example, average prices include $40 for a primary care office visit, $30 for an adult annual checkup and $20 for a youth annual checkup; counseling services for $45 for a 45-minute session; labs starting at $10; and dental x-rays and exam for $25, adult teeth cleaning starting at $25 and youth teeth cleaning starting at $15.

We will also offer associates basic services at low prices year-round, such as medical office visits for just $4 per visit for associates and dependents enrolled in the Walmart Walmart Premier Plan, Contribution Plan and Local Plan options.

Services Available

What services are available at the Walmart Health center?
  • Primary care
  • Hearing
  • Dental
  • Counseling
  • Optometry
  • Health insurance education & enrollment
  • Labs & X-rays
  • Fitness & nutrition education
  • Health screenings
Can a child get a school physical to play sports at the Walmart Health center?

Yes. Your child can get a sports physical at the Walmart Health center.

Will the Pharmacy still exist?

Yes, we’re proud of our Pharmacy and remain committed to ensuring our customers get their medication and pharmaceutical assistance at everyday low prices. The Pharmacy will operate as a separate and distinct service line from the Walmart Health center.

Will the Vision Center still exist?

Optometry is part of Walmart Health. The Vision Centers are separate and distinct from the Walmart Health center, but will be available in the retail area of the Superstore.

Walmart Health Locations

What’s going to happen to the 19 Care Clinics we have around the country?

There will be no immediate changes. Our existing 19 clinics are an important part of their communities’ healthcare services and will continue to operate as normal.

How many Walmart Health centers are going to be built?

Our first Walmart Health opened in September in Dallas, Georgia. This is where we are learning more about the services the community needs to integrate key health services our customers want and deserve. Our goal for the future is to take Walmart Health into the other communities we serve. Our second location in Calhoun, GA, is expected to open in January 2020. We expect to expand to additional locations in 2020.

Will there be new job opportunities?

There will be specialized Walmart associates working in the Walmart Health center. There will be opportunities for qualified Walmart associates in the Walmart Health center, and the process for applying for those roles is much like other internal positions. The professional providers operating the clinics will be responsible for filling professional positions and much of their staff as well.