Mother, wife, team lead: ‘Walmart is family’

She balances games of Bingo with leading a store bakery, and she succeeds at both.
The COVID-19 outbreak has many people clinging a little tighter to family and associates who are like family. For Ruth Alfaro, it brings together the best of both worlds.
Alfaro was born in Peru. These days, she lives in New Jersey and doesn’t shy away from starting her shift before the sun comes up. But, by the time the sun goes down, she’s with her kids.
“Beautiful wife, beautiful mother… respectful,” Ruth’s husband said. “It’s like I could say, I have no words to describe her.”
Ruth is the Team Lead over the bakery and the deli at Store 3795 in Bergen, New Jersey. She trains her team of associates at mastering the art of cupcakes, cakes, cookies and just about everything else.
“I’ve always admired her,” said associate Fanny Hincapie. “She has a strong personality.”

Chants and applause echo from Store 3795’s bakery kitchen when Ruth lets her squad know that goals and expectations have been exceeded. Ruth’s team members know they are in good hands.
“I think they admire her a lot because she’s a hard worker,” said associate Laura Ruiz. “She’s here every single day. She comes with a positive attitude, and she’s always caring for everybody in the store.”
In times like these, it’s the spark many people are seeking.
The upbeat positivity from work follows Ruth home. The mix of being a wife, mother and Team Lead at Walmart creates the perfect recipe for leadership Ruth Alfaro masters every day.
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“I have a lot of friends with my associates because Walmart is family,” Ruth said. “I can do anything with my team.”


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