Standing By

Apr. 14, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring out the best in people who are looking to help in whatever way possible. One of those people happens to be an associate in Chattisgarh, India.


Pushpa Mohdiwale is an assistant team leader. She leads a team that ensures shelves are stocked around the clock. On March 21, COVID-19 restrictions prompted a lockdown in her area. The importance of her work was thrust to the forefront.


As the lockdown forced change in her area, Pushpa’s family decided to retreat to their home village to hunker down together. Pushpa wanted to continue helping others. She decided to stay near her store. It was a decision she says her family supported wholeheartedly.


“I am a little part of the huge Walmart family all over the world that is tirelessly working for humanity,” Pushpa said.


As a wife and a mother to a 3-year-old son, Pushpa hoped her efforts to prioritize the greater good would serve as inspiration to her team and anyone else looking to lend a hand.

“On one hand, I was extremely concerned about the safety of my family, and, on the other, I was constantly thinking about my job responsibilities and how I could be of any use to my people.”
— Pushpa Mohdiwale, Assistant Team Leader

She continues to lead her team, ensuring that customers can safely shop for essential items during unprecedented times. Her decision to stand by undoubtedly made a difference to her community.


“I always have my family’s wellbeing at the back of my mind. Nevertheless, I find it comforting to serve members who need to be cared for at this time,” Pushpa said.

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