Associates truly make the difference for our customers, but no one can do it alone. In stores that are piloting Great Workplace— our new operating model that offers exciting new roles and team-based ways of working — associates are taking #TeamWalmart to a whole new level.

High-performing teams are at the center of Great Workplace. What does that mean for you?


You’ll be part of a team where the leader and mission are clear. Through moments like the daily huddle, you’ll have more ways to talk about priorities, plans, and problems that need to be solved. Your team will work together to track progress against shared goals, so you leave work knowing where you stand


You’ll be trusted to own an area of the business and make decisions on behalf of the customer. And you can learn new skills on your own, or with support from an Academy trainer.


What’s an Academy trainer? In Great Workplace, we’re introducing new roles that will help us make an even bigger difference for customers and associates.


While Great Workplace may not be at your store yet, we spoke to a few associates who are already working in the new roles about what it’s like and how it’s helping them meet their #SparkGoals.


Makes sure teams’ goals align with the store’s goals; responsible for staffing and scheduling in their areas; communicates plans; supports the team by removing roadblocks and providing long-term solutions; provides role clarity and offers career guidance

T E R R E L L   H .
Operations Manager | Neighborhood Market 3185 | Huntsville, Ala.
How does Great Workplace empower you?
Coming from being an ASM, I wanted more responsibility and ownership. And I’ve discovered associates respect my opinion and leadership. They know I’ll do things according to One Best Way. I’m here for the store. If it’s not successful, I’m not successful.
How does increased insight into metrics help your team think differently about goals?
If you break down the metrics and let your team know what they’re striving for, like sales profit and how that affects MyShare, they bring a little more. If you give them the whys and show them the results of hard work, they want to work a little harder.

Builds relationships with the team and ensures they execute daily processes; holds daily huddles so the team understands priorities and business needs; provides real-time feedback and coaching to team associates.

N I C K   T .
Team Lead | Store 3580 | Newark, Ohio

How do you guide your team through setbacks?

We use the phrase “coaching by walking around.” When I see an associate struggling, I have a conversation and see if more training needs to be done, or just a different perspective. Then we work together to create a better outcome.

How do you communicate goals to your team and reinforce them?

When I have my huddles, I bring up anything that needs to be addressed and our goals. I want to make sure it sounds like a good idea. By defining goals and sticking to them, we can do better as a team and focus on what needs to be done.


Expert in their area; trains associates in One Best Way; owns a designated area of the store; shows others what good looks like.

N I C O L E   H .
Neighborhood Market 3635 | Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

How does being empowered as a leader help you take ownership of your area?

I used to be really shy, but I’m more of a leader now. I follow process, and I get things done. I try to make my team feel like they’re a part of everything.

How do you contribute to achieving team goals?

I keep track of everybody’s progress. For those who need help to get to that goal, I get beside them and help them achieve it. It makes me feel good when we meet our goal.


Owns a designated area of the business; empowered to be a merchant; completes the work for their area of ownership; attends huddles with team leads to understand priorities and actions set for the team

V I R G I E   S .
Store 400 | Conroe, Texas

How does Great Workplace help you serve customers?

I’ve been with Walmart for 29 years. My register is my home. With the new system, I can take care of my register and my customers even more.

Why are goals important for the team?

They’re important because we like to serve customers. We like that people come over here and have an experience—that when they leave, they’re satisfied.

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