6 Steps for Setting SMART Goals

New goals can feel overwhelming, but just getting started knocks out a big chunk of the challenge. Follow along to break down the process of setting and executing big goals this year!

Deciding on the Goal

Be SMART in the beginning and Set goals that are:












Lisa B. set SMART goals to improve her store’s CVP scores.

Framing the Goal Realistically

Determine what Success looks like to you:

  • Something outside your comfort zone, even if just a little.
  • Having belief, not hope, in the process.
  • A firm deadline, with breathing room to pivot if need be.
  • Creativity in execution.

Reed R. boosted sales creatively with rubber duckies!

Aligning Your Environment

Think about your future self in the goal’s process and journey:

Create a decision-making environment that is simple, visual, and difficult to ignore.

  • Simple: Eliminate unnecessary distractions or additional tasks.
  • Visual: Nudge your actions in the right direction with visual cues, such as sticky notes or vision boards.
  • Difficult to ignore: Schedule goal milestones for the future to keep yourself on track and on task.
Measuring Your Progress

Seek out feedback and set checkpoints:

Don’t measure just to get a result. Track your progress in order to:

  • Discover: Limits are necessary bars for future endeavors.
  • Understand: When you get the process down, it only gets easier in the future.

Feedback from her store’s community helped Kim S. connect with her customers.

Involving Others

Collaborate and be transparent:

  • Accountability buddies can help keep you on track.
  • Telling others about your goals helps reinforce all you need to accomplish them.
  • Being very clear with others about your goals helps gain their support.

See how Stacie S. helps her team achieve success.


Above all else, stick with it:

  • It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. So stick to your pace and keep chugging along.

Jeremy B. kept learning on his path to success!

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