See How Jetblack Exec Jenny Fleiss Delivers on Tech Innovation

The Rent the Runway co-founder shares why she launched a new personal-shopping service from Store No. 8, Walmart’s innovation hub.


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Jenny Fleiss, co-founder and CEO, Jetblack, Manhattan, N.Y.

Ten years ago, Jenny Fleiss—entrepreneur and #RetailMaverick extraordinaire—made high fashion accessible when she co-founded Rent the Runway, a service that allowed people to rent designer dresses and accessories.

Now she’s breaking ground again at Walmart with Jetblack, the first portfolio company to come from Store No. 8. Here, she shares how she’s building productive teams and making strides toward a tech-friendly future as a member of the Walmart family.


Why Walmart?

“There are a lot of big players in the e-commerce landscape, and in thinking about the best way to grow and innovate, I think Walmart has so many opportunities, positioned as the top Fortune 500 company with this amazing asset of physical stores all across the U.S. and the world. I really believe that there’s this potential to move much faster by leveraging the ecosystem of this large business to fuel a startup.”


Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

“According to Sam Walton’s book, it’s always been that each store is like its own little entrepreneurial ecosystem. I think the biggest piece of being an entrepreneur is learning from your surroundings, constantly taking in what customers are seeing, feeling, and saying.”

In-Store To Online

“Take initiative to engage with a customer in store. We’re changing consumer behavior and how people shop. That doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes you need to train and evolve customers’ behavior.”


Innovative Insight

“It’s important that associates not be afraid to ask questions of consumers. Innovation can come from so many different angles. Think about what your local community needs and bring those insights to your manager. Everyone has their own perspective, and it’s super powerful to embrace that.”


No. 8

Store No. 8 is the incubator hub of Walmart, investing in ideas and technologies to advance the future of retail. From VR to real-time texting with customers, Walmart is breaking ground on innovative ways to improve the shopping experience. Visit


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