Reduce Turnover, Boost MyShare With These Five Tips
Find out how this store manager appreciates and looks after his associates.

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Prior to Store Manager Frank R.’s arrival at Neighborhood Market 3377 in Tucson, Ariz., the store had a turnover rate of more than 300%. In addition, associates hadn’t received a MyShare bonus in four years. 


Turnover is now about 60%, and recently associates received a MyShare of $550. 


They earned it because Frank inspired and motivated them. He set about creating a better work environment and offers these tips on keeping associates motivated:


1. Success is a team effort. Get associates involved in planning and projects. “Together we can do what we can never do alone.”


2. Work alongside associates. “If you spend more time in the office than on the floor, that’s not good.”


3. Take care of your associates. Make sure you’re looking after all your associates, including those on shifts you don’t normally work—even overnight shifts.


4. Stay humble. As a manager, you can always learn something new from associates. Say, “Thank you for teaching me.”


5. Show associates they are appreciated. Even something as simple as a cookout can make an impression. 


That last piece was one of the most important for Frank, who has been with Walmart for 10 years, was a co-manager in Chicago prior to leading Store 3377. In fact, Frank, only started to win over his new store by setting up a grill outside.


At 1 a.m. he was cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for his team. It was a gesture that impressed many on the night crew, who weren’t used to seeing store managers checking in overnight. 


“I wanted them to know that I had their backs, that I appreciated them. It’s a small token, it’s something little, but it was an opportunity to show that I’m by their side.”


Monica C., an assistant manager at the store, especially liked seeing him on the night shift: “While the associates were all sitting down eating, he was throwing freight. He threw their freight while they were at lunch, so that way they didn’t slow down on their productivity. It was very awesome. Very awesome.”


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