Owning Great Workplace

Teamwork makes the dream work, and you now get to run your area like you own it! Great Workplace is a new model that allows you to do meaningful work and connect with fellow associates. Walmart has already implemented it in some stores. Here’s how it works…


Megan, Team Associate


This is where the magic happens. Every Team Associate owns a piece of the business, so you have an area of the stores that’s a direct reflection of your work. You’ll learn the entire routine for your area, not just the stocking part. You’ll have clear goals and will get to leave every day knowing if the day was a success!


“I feel like I know what my day is going to be and what goals I need to accomplish for that day. I know where I’m going. I know what I need to do,” said Megan, Team Associate at Store 5231 in Galt, CA. “You don’t feel alone. I love coming to work every day and having a team to work with and a goal to reach. I just think it’s wonderful.”


Cheryl, Team Lead


These associates spend the majority of their time building relationships with their team and making sure daily processes are complete. They lead a daily team huddle and empower associates to make decisions in the moment. Team Leads assign areas of ownership to Team Associates, remove any road blocks, and recognize associates for a job well done!


“Relationships are being built and everyone gets to know each other, so the communication will be better with everyone. Communication is number one. With Great Workplace and the way we’re doing huddles, you give associates opportunities to express themselves,” said Cheryl, Team Lead at 5231.
Jose, Team Lead


“I like Great Workplace because it gives the associate empowerment over their areas," said Jose, a Team Lead at 5231. "They like the idea of being able to make decisions without having to come to management. That’s the greatest thing. I see associates already taking ownership.”


Richard, Academy Trainer


This role is part of the team that does the work and they also help train others! Academy Trainers are experts of their area and train fellow Team Associates. They’ll also spot training gaps, create and implement a training development plan, and will step in when the Team Lead is out.


“I like the comradery behind it. Teamwork!” said Richard, Academy Trainer at 5231.


Terrell, Operations Manager (Neighborhood Market)


These associates own a specific area in the store. They manage the financial performance and operations, create improvement plans, and support Team Leads by making sure team goals align to goals of the store. Coaches/Ops Managers should be focused on talent and hiring!


“Now that we’re in a Great Workplace, I work differently because I’m able to take ownership in the total store instead of just one area," said Terrell, Operations Manager at Store 3185 in Huntsville, AL. "You see Walmart advancing every day and I’m proud to be a part of that.”
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