Walmart’s Very Own Associate A Cappella Group

Check Out the Brand-New Music Video For the “Walmart Shuffle”

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You’ve probably heard the “Walmart Shuffle.” But you haven’t heard it like this: no instruments, no samples, just voices making all the beats and music.


This “Walmart Shuffle” and a new version of “America the Beautiful” are the creations of a group of talented associates who all took a chance and entered Walmart’s A Cappella Challenge by posting videos on social media of themselves showing off their singing voices. 


Then, after getting selected as winners in the challenge, the group were flown to Bentonville, where they filmed music videos and recorded in a professional studio, guided by “father of modern a cappella” Deke Sharon (who provided music direction for the Pitch Perfect series, amongst many other accomplishments). Recording artist Cupid—who created the original “Walmart Shuffle”—even stopped by to help out.    

“These guys are all associates, none of them have a cappella experience. None of them are coming from a music background, and yet they’ve all got beautiful voices,” says Deke. “Music brings people together. It creates connection, and there’s, bottom line, a lot of heart that you find when people sing together.”

The team found that bringing their voices together in harmony was a lot like the teamwork they utilized every day at work, with each member of the group bringing their unique talents together to create something bigger than themselves.


They also returned to their stores with newfound confidence and understanding of the importance of truly bringing yourself to work. Check out their song and video below.


By #Sparkappella & Cupid


By #Sparkappella

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Then, meet the associates who came together to form #Sparkappella, and find out what they learned and how this experience has created new Walmart family bonds that’ll last a lifetime. 



Housewares Associate

Store 1867 | Westminster, Md.



“This challenge, it shows how Walmart cares about their associates and the talents that we have. For them to fly us out here and have this awesome experience is really just heartwarming and awesome. I’ve learned a lot about communicating with other people and making a stronger group. Harmonizing with other people is the same as communication in the store. If you’re having a problem up front, everything is communication just like singing is when you’re harmonizing. I can bring that back to my store and work together with my associates much more and have a lot more positive energy to make the store great.” 


Fresh CAP 1

Store 5795 | Oxford, Penn.

@Sing_Gabrielle, @Gabbyy_Z


“People already know I am a singer. They’re always like, ‘There’s Gabrielle. She’s singing again.’ If I’m not singing, they’re like, ‘What’s wrong?’ I was really nervous at first with meeting everybody here, but they’re all so kind, and we all get along. I know there a lot of challenges coming up, and I urge people to try them out. My advice is to just stick with it! If you’re going to do something, then do it, because it could be something as amazing as this.”


Market Human Resources Manager

Market 165 | Southern New Jersey


“I always doubted myself. I was like, ‘OK, I’m good, but am I really that good? Can I get better? Would I be able to perform in front of other people?’ This experience has helped build my confidence, build my self-esteem, and I’m going to bring that back to my market and show them. Hopefully I inspire other singers and performers in my market to show them, like, ‘Hey, it is possible. Someone from New Jersey can do this.’ And hopefully I can be the next cheerleader for someone else in the market that gets the same opportunity as us.”


Order Filler

DC 6023 | Sutherland, Va.


“You know, when I was in the studio, they were telling me, ‘Vernon, be you, be yourself!’ That matters. You shine when you’re yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be anybody else. This goes for work or even the outside environment: Your boss can see you shine when you’re yourself. And with this experience, it feels like someone saw my light within Walmart. They saw country, Southern me, and that means a lot. I mean, sweet niblets! It’s like a little flame, but Walmart has turned my little flame into a star.” 



Store 3727 | Alexandria, La.



“When you’re singing, you are kind of putting yourself out there, your emotions, you’re putting your feeling into what you’re singing. When you’re happy and you bring who you are to work, and you can be yourself and be bright and happy and joyful, you can serve your customers with a happy countenance and can just bring joy to other people. That leaves a lasting, wonderful, amazing impression.”


Support Manager

5348 | Montgomery, Ala.



“If you’re relatable to your customers, because the customer essentially is family, you’re never gonna have a bad customer experience, because hey, we’re family. I’m gonna take care of you. Positivity promotes perseverance. That’s one thing I took back to my store: just positive vibes. Like, hey, Walmart isn’t just an 8-to-5, 9-to-6, 11-to-8 job. You can do so much more within the realms of Walmart. It’s just not a check, you know? It’s so much more.”


Buyer, Mixers

Home Office | Bentonville, Ark.


“When it comes to something like this or what you have to do day in and day out, passion is what makes it work. Working together, having the right attitude, you need that when you’re working in the store in order to make it a good experience for the team and for the customer. And that’s the same energy we have here with a cappella: It’s all about what you bring to any day, any situation, any experience. Are you willing to listen, to collaborate, to be positive and not negative? We’re all part of one great team to make Walmart work, and we’re all a very important piece of that puzzle. You don’t really have that in a lot of other companies.” 


DSD Receiving

Store 2473 | Hilo, Hawaii



“What I’ve always wanted is just to be heard. And this experience, getting heard by Walmart, it’s huge. Because in Hawaii we don’t get opportunities like this. I want to share it with everybody. And if they ever feel like they want to go ahead and do something, I’m totally down for encouraging them to just do it. It’s just, I mean, everything, it still doesn’t feel real.” 


Department Manager, Online Grocery

Store 1671 | Papillion, Neb.



“If I am singing, I’m usually alone, in the back cleaning or something, so me doing this was a surprise to people. But it’s come pretty naturally, and it’s amazing being recognized for your talent, and to realize the company knows you’re not just an associate, but also a person. It makes me want to serve our customers better and bring a lot more happiness to the world.”    


Academy Facilitator

Store 4637 | Broken Arrow, Okla.


“So on this particular project, I’m the only bass singer, which is an interesting thing. I’m not going to be singing the soprano parts because someone else has that specific skill set that I don’t have. And that’s a direct correlation to what’s going on in our stores right now: Each and every one of us needs to bring our authentic selves, but at the same time we need to recognize that other people have skill sets we don’t have. So master your skill set and do the best you can with that. Become a subject matter expert in the areas you’re passionate about and then utilize other associates, because as a team, we can solve every problem if we work together. Because every part of the song is going to be neat, but it’s not amazing until they all come together.”


Lead Pharmacy Tech

Store 2934 | Paris, Ill.



“I feel like taking part in this challenge has given me the confidence to put myself out there more. Anything I’ve had reservations for before—if it’s a job or any kind of challenge, where I might have shied away from it—maybe I’ll try it now! I’ll say ‘anything is possible.’ And even if I get turned down, at least I put myself out there. And that’s what I’d tell other people thinking about taking on a challenge like this: don’t hold back! So what if you fail? At least you did it. And maybe it’ll open a door for something else. Maybe somebody will see whatever you were doing, and they’ll see a spark in you and say ‘you’re perfect for this.’ So be courageous and don’t hold yourself back.”


Associate Director, Walmart World

Home Office | Bentonville, Ark.


“When you’ve got people who have amazing talent, who are part of a team, we want to give them an opportunity to shine. And with a band or a team, you’ve ultimately got a task or a job that you’ve set out to do. For most of the day, we each went to the isolation booth in the studio and sang our part with the headphones on. So we didn’t get to hear how our voices fit within the bigger picture. But when we heard the finished product, we were awestruck! I think that speaks to how important it is to help give your team context, for them to see the big picture, for them to understand how it all comes together.”

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