Manager Promotes Inclusion by Sharing Her Own Story, Encouraging Others

Krista raises LGBTQ awareness within the company and her community.

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Krista H. is a longtime volunteer in the LGBTQ community and an organizer for the annual festival Denver Pride, which took place in June. Here’s why she believes it’s important that Walmart recognizes and supports LGBTQ efforts. 

“At the end of the day, I’m just so grateful to Walmart for the opportunity to grow up in the company, and personally, I essentially came out with the company. 

Working with Walmart and the associates, they allowed me to be OK with who I was as a person and allowed me to be my authentic self. I want to give that back to Walmart and be a leader in the community to help people be OK with who they are as well.

I think when you look at how to get involved in the community or what’s going to impact the community, you’re looking at your associates because they live right in that area. So they represent the LGBTQ community, a good portion of them. They know each other. They’re friends. They’re family. They are that person. 

So myself, being a part of the LGBTQ community, it was really important for me—especially if somebody is afraid to come out or afraid of what other people are going to think—to be that role model and to say, ‘Hey, it’s OK. I’m a proud Walmart associate.’ I’m proud of what our company represents when we talk about diversity and inclusion.

When it comes to the community, we do a very good job of telling our story—what impacts us—and then asking the associates how they want to make a difference—generating that spark within them to ignite something great in the community. We know that we have such great reach at Walmart, and to us, it really is creating a spark.”

More about Krista: She started her Walmart career 12 years ago as a part-time cashier in Aurora, Colo. She’s now a market asset protection manager for Market 490, which includes 16 stores in the Denver, Colo., area.

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