Special Delivery: Letterman Jackets Journey Home

When boxes full of customized letterman jackets showed up at Return Center 9153 in Waco, Texas, associate Johnnie Walker knew there must be a mix-up. The center handles thousands of packages every week, but one showed up at the center recently and instantly seemed out of place.


“When I opened it up it was just a big, blue – you couldn’t tell what it was,” Johnnie said.


He spent a couple minutes digging through the unfamiliar bundles, only to realize that the blue and white contents were letterman jackets intended for a group of high school students in Hamilton, Mississippi. Some of them were seniors. These soon-to-be graduates were missing important pieces of a year cut short. The school has remained closed since mid-April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“These kids need this stuff, man,” Johnnie said.


Johnnie and his teammates recognized an opportunity to make this delivery even more special. After learning where exactly the jackets were supposed to go, the team at RC 9153 added notes and treats for each senior then re-packaged the boxes and prepared to ship them to Mississippi.


“[We included] a special message to each kid because we were able to actually see the names on the jackets,” area manager Perla said.


A quick phone call to the school resulted in a conversation with the school’s principal, Michelle, who just happened to pick up the phone. Michelle was surprised and relieved to learn the jackets had wound up in the hands of the team at RC 9153. However, the school was not accepting deliveries at the time. So, the team offered to ship each jacket to each student individually. Michelle gratefully accepted and posted about it on Facebook.

Copy of a letter from the team at Walmart RC 9153 to a graduating senior:
Class of 2020
Dear Jordan,
Although this year hasn’t ended as anyone hoped, we didn’t want to add any additional misses to your memories of your senior year. So, we hope when you receive this package with your Letterman Jacket, you will smile and remember all the good things you have done, the friendships you have made, and look forward to all that is still to come in your life.
Small blessings sometimes come just when we need them most. Our associate, Johnnie, who found these was very passionate about getting them to you and your classmates. He literally found them amongst hundreds of thousands of items we process through our facility every day, close to a million a week.
This is clearly a sign that you are one in a million!
Whatever the future holds, we know you will do well, because your class has proven to be resilient and resourceful. You have achieved a huge milestone already! Congratulations on your graduation from Hamilton High School.
We are cheering for you from a distance!
Wishing you all the best,
The Associates and Leadership Team of Walmart RC 9153

In a series of photos shared online, Johnnie and his teammate, Marivel, are seen smiling next to the jackets just before shipping them out to their intended destinations. While getting letterman jackets in the mail might seem like a routine senior activity, this year’s delivery surely means a little bit more to the class of 2020.


Something that they’ve been waiting on. Something that they have earned,” Johnnie said. “It’s something that I’m sure will bring joy to them.”


“Just the fact that you can make somebody’s day better... It feels really good,” Marivel said.



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